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On occasion, I receive an e-mail from someone who is looking for information on a particular product or bicycle that I've talked about on the blog. I am always happy to share thoughts on anything I've had the opportunity to test, but as with any review, it should be noted that it is nearly impossible to leave out personal bias and preferences when speaking about a product. The users height, weight, ailments, prior experience, length of experience, bike setup, style of riding, and simply personal likes and dislikes are going to play a part in any review.

When I search for reviews online, I look at them as opinion; one more viewpoint to add to the list I've obtained to date. Then, I try to find a place to test the product for myself. This isn't always possible, which is how I've ended up with more products and bicycles than a normal human being should've had the opportunity to use.

Whether reading a cycling magazine, a blog, a news article, or any other location one might find tidbits, I try to always keep in mind that my experience may be entirely different than that of the reviewer because of all the ingredients named above.

With that, I remind anyone who happens along here that some of these products have been tested over the long term, while others have been very short periods of time. In addition, my likes and dislikes are very probably different from yours. Even if we all ride bicycles, we don't necessarily have the same preferences. I've also included links to some posts where discussion took place in the comments that I think could be helpful to someone else (see the "General Thoughts & Ponderings section for these).

Here are some of the items I've talked about at various points on the blog. I'll do my best to keep it up to date, but if you know of a specific post you'd like to see linked here for easy reference, just drop me a line. Thanks!

Bella Ciao vs Electra Amsterdam
Box Dog Bikes Pelican
Electra Bikes
Kinesis Tripster ATR
Linus Bike test ride
Pashley Poppy (First Review)
Pashley Poppy(Second Review)
Pashley Princess Sovereign
Public Bikes (First Review)
Public Bikes (Second Review)
Rivendell A. Homer Hilsen
Rivendell Betty vs Sam (part 1)
Rivendell Betty vs Sam (part 2)
Rivendell Hubbuhubbuh (tandem)
Rivendell Roadini
Rivendell Sam Hillborne adjustments
Rivendell Sam Hillborne renewed love
Rodriguez Rainier
Rodriguez Tandem
Shinola Women's Bixby
Soma ES
Soma ES (the do-over)
Soma San Marcos
Surly Cross-Check
Surly Pacer first thoughts
Surly Pacer gearing adjustments
Surly Pacer modifications
Surly Pacer returns
Surly Wednesday
Velo Orange Campeur
Yeti Beti SB5

650c wheels
Albatross handlebar
Bookman Lights (Basic Light)
Bookman Lights (Curve)
Chain Thong (First Review)
Chain Thong (Second Review)
Generic overview of bag/basket setup possibilities
Grand Bois Hetre tires
Rivendell Brand V saddlebag
Road Holland - Women's
Road Holland - Men's
Shimano MX80 Saint pedals
Soma New Xpress 650b tires
Trekking/Butterfly handlebar
VP-001 "Thin Gripster" pedals

General Thoughts & Ponderings
A custom road bike experience
Aluminium vs Steel
Carbon vs Steel
Casual bike helmet options?
Cycling comfort, control & skill
Does bicycle frame material matter?
Does expensive = quality?
First duathlon
General bike-related thoughts (mechanical)
Giving up bicycles
Stiff cycling shoe with platform pedals?
Musings from my first century
Upright bicycle general thoughts

Organized Rides
Alpine Odyssey 100k (2012)
Barn Burner 104 - Flagstaff (2014)
Barn Burner 104 - Flagstaff (2016)
Haystack Time Trial (2015)
Leadville 100 MTB (2014)
Leadville 100 MTB (2015)
Leadville 100 MTB (2017)
Leadville 100 MTB (2018)
Silver Rush 50 (2014)
Silver Rush 50 (2016)
Silver Rush 50 (2018)
Venus de Miles (2010)
Venus de Miles (2011)
Venus de Miles (2012)
Venus de Miles (2014)
Venus de Miles (2015)

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