Endless Bicycles

Over the years, I have been fortunate enough to own a variety of bicycles. Some have remained for quite some time, while others have been mere blips on the radar. I have found that the ones making it longer were more versatile (providing the ability to use them in various circumstances), and/or they were simply great at the specific task for which the bike was intended.  A few still remain as part of the bike fold, but most have moved on to their next owner.

For those who may be curious, my currently built and ridden bikes include:
Rivendell Sam Hillborne 
Velo Orange Campeur
Rivendell Hubbuhubbuh Tandem
Rodriguez Tandem 
Yeti Beti SB5
Bianchi Reparto Corse EV Ti
Surly Midnight Special

A list of the bikes owned at various points in time can be found below, along with pictures.

Country/Cross(ish)/Do-A-Lot Bikes
One of the many iterations of the Rivendell Samuel Hillborne

Rivendell Betty Foy
Rivendell A. Homer Hilsen - Like many bikes in our home, it went through many versions
Surly Cross-Check - My Easter Basket colored love
Soma Buena Vista - It did get built up (and was quite beautiful), but was so small it couldn't be properly ridden by even the wee folks in our home - Would love to have this again someday in the proper size.
Velo Orange Campeur - Purchased as a means to test out my interest in touring, and it turned into quite a bike for multiple purposes.
Box Dog Bikes Pelican - This one came in as a comfortable, long-distance bicycle and became my primary road(ish) bicycle.
Rivendell Hubbuhubbuh tandem - Picked this up in early autumn 2017 and have enjoyed riding together since.
Custom Rodriguez tandem... we started off a bit rocky, but things improved once we got moving down the road.
City/Upright/Cruiser Bikes

Bella Ciao Superba, a limited run/edition/collaboration with Lovely Bicycle!

Pashley Poppy - modified with mustache bars and large wire basket

Pashley Princess Sovereign, aka "Pepper Potts"

Public Bikes J7

Public Bikes C7

Electra Amsterdam 3i Sunflower, aka "Phoebe" out for a winter ride

Electra Ticino 7D, aka "Duchess Dylan" 
Novara Transfer after the first ride

Electra Daisy 3i, aka "Stuart" at Roosevelt Park

Electra Om 3i, aka "Fred" poses for his "glamor shot"
Mountain Bikes

1994 Bridgestone MB-S
Santa Cruz Chameleon
The Surly Wednesday is perfect in the winter, on dirt, gravel, and many mixed terrain areas.
Road Bikes
Torelli Express - If the top tube hadn't been so long, I'd still have this today. Best, fast bicycle I've ever owned/ridden!
Custom built Independent Fabrication Crown Jewel - So pretty, but my first custom turned into quite a disaster.
Soma ES - here, set up as a road bike, but it has many possibilities
Surly Pacer -  It went through several rounds (and ownership) in our home. This is during one of its last modifications
2013 Trek Lexa SLX - a bike I never thought I'd own or ride comfortably
2012 Trek Madone 5.2
Custom Rodriguez Rainier built with 650c wheels
2004 Bianchi Reparto Corse EV titanium road bike, picked up second hand for a steal!
Vintage Bikes

70s Schwinn LeTour - set up as a single speed

1976 Schwinn Suburban
Motobecane Nobly, which unfortunately arrived to me broken
Raleigh Triumph sitting on a bike path in Madison, WI
Raleigh Super Course MK2, aka "The Hooptie" waiting to go
1972 Raleigh Lady Sports, aka "Annabel Lee" on her first day home