Monday, January 10, 2011

Welcoming Fred

Last week I posted that a decision had been made regarding which Electra cruiser bicycle I intended to purchase: the Om. The end of December brought about a purchase (online, to save some money), and my choice was to be on its way. To make a long story short, some issues arose from the shippers end of things, and it wasn't looking promising. I found myself getting sad about not being able to get out and ride the new bike, and along with some other personal issues that have been developing, I was sinking into a pit of despair. I tried desperately to pull myself out of it, but by Thursday of last week, my dearest Sam came home to his depressed wife, sleeping in the middle of the living room in the dark, with three dogs taking full advantage of the situation by napping on top of me. I'm sure it was quite a sight.
Electra Om that should've arrived January 3-4
On that same Thursday evening last week, I was awakened by Sam standing over me asking for help to bring some things in to the house. It was his last day at his prior employer, so I assumed he was dragging more things home that he'd been gathering in the office over the last several years. When I stumbled outside, I was surprised to see not office stuff making its way home, but rather an Electra Om in the back of his little Honda. "Huh?" I couldn't help but think. I believe I was more confused than anything. Instead of going to celebrate his departure and new job forthcoming with his work cronies, he left early from work and went and purchased the Electra Om for me at a bike shop in Boulder. I swear, I have the sweetest husband ever.

Friday was a much better day. The sun was shining, the weather was, well, still winter, but at least it wasn't snowing, and we decided to go for a bike ride. It wasn't that all my problems were solved, but it really was great to be outside, to be with Sam, and to have some time together before he started his new job and I go back to classes.
Me and Fred, roaming Longmont with Sam and his Globe
While I forgot the locks for our bikes deeming it impossible to do all of the things we had planned, and my camera to take any decent pictures, we were able to get the above shot with my not-so-great camera phone.  The new Electra's name is Fred (officially, his full name is Right Said Fred after the kitschy UK Band of the early 90s), and he is an absolute joy to ride. He's also much more gorgeous than he appears in the photo here, and I do intend to add some decorative elements to the basket over time, but for now, he's a ton-o-fun and I am so grateful to have him around. The best part is, I really do get to "relive" my gift of Stuart, the Electra Daisy through Fred, the Electra Om from Sam. I feel as though I'm getting a second chance, and I don't intend to waste it!

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