Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fixed Gear Bicycles

Big Shot Bikes, a custom and semi-custom bike manufacturer, has seemingly made a decision to centralize their manufacturing site to Fort Collins, Colorado. They specialize in fixed gears and single speed bicycles... not something that's really my cup of tea... but I am intrigued by their website and the wide spread fascination with the fixed gear bicycle.
*Image from www.bigshotbikes.com
I can also appreciate the "build your own bike" possibilities offered by this company. So many color combinations, as well as pre-built options, and the make-your-own kind of possibilities make it all so fascinating.
*Image from www.bigshotbikes.com
I can certainly appreciate the fact that their are companies that are meeting the needs of those who enjoy the fixed-gear bicycle. I also wish there were local bike shops that would cater to those who prefer a more upright style of bicycle. I suppose that it is driven by supply and demand, as so many of our shops are these days, but it would be nice to find the same customizable opportunities for other styles of bikes.
*Image from www.bigshotbikes.com
Still, I can't help but enjoy the colorful combinations of these particular two-wheeled devices. And with a custom fixie starting at $395, I find even my non-single-speeed-self thinking, "Hmm... maybe I DO need a fixed gear bike to add to the fold?!"

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