Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Choice is Made

Last week, I made my decision in regard to the debate about which bicycle was right for me. I had talked about how I really miss my Stuart and was going to attempt to recapture his spirit in another model. My decision was the Electra Om, over the Surf.
*Image from Derby Bicycle
The choice was made for this model because I just felt as though it was more "me," and I suppose that is really the only reason I can give. In addition, I was able to get this model at a discount of about 25% (and I received free shipping), which made it an even easier choice. I love the design on the fenders and think that they really make the bike something special.
*Image from emago.com
The only thing I wasn't really in love with on this bike was the tire color choice. While many of the Electra cruiser models have cream/white tires, they chose to put black tires on the Om. Why? I'm not sure. There is no black in the design color choices, and I think it would've looked better with the lighter color tires, so I will simply make that swap out myself, and have in fact already ordered the tires to make it here close to the same time as the bike.
*Image from amazon.com
The only reason I was able to get the bicycle so quickly was due to some Christmas money from my parents, the sale of several things I had sitting around (like several pair of shoes I wasn't using, a Brooks saddle, Brooks grips, the folding bike, etc), as well as the departure of the Raleigh. In some ways, it was a good way to clear out items that weren't being used, plus it had the added bonus of bringing back the Electra.

While I could have purchased the Electra locally, it would've been at a much higher cost, so it just didn't make sense, and I am happy with the decision. Now, I just have to wait patiently for the new bike to arrive.

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