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When this blog first started, I imagined that I would write only for and to myself. I needed a way to capture feelings and thoughts and it made sense to have it electronically. Imagine my surprise when others started to find and read the ramblings of an unknown enthusiast!
A very sweet individual created this caricature of me, and while I don't think it looks like me (the caricature is far better looking!), I thought it was cute, and decided to use it here.

If you haven't quite figured out what I write about, I can summarize it best by saying that the blog focuses on bicycles, cycling related activities and events, a splattering of fitness chatter, and related matters.

I'm a bit of a spaz and while I try my best to write posts in a logical format, this doesn't always happen. There are simply times when the hamster wheel that is my brain takes over and you may find yourself a tad annoyed with my nonsense.

I should also note here that while I am well-versed in the different meanings of they're, there, and their, its and it's, as well as to and too, faze and phase, or any number of other oft-confused words, my hands and brain do not always cooperate and I later discover typos of all sorts. Please forgive any of these that you may find as I, at times, rush to get something out and don't proof as well as I should. Believe me, it embarrasses me, but I can't seem to eliminate this flaw.

Over the years, I've elected to hide many of the early posts as those thoughts contained more personal happenings and unrelated matter that is presently irrelevant to the focus of Endless Velo Love. So, if you're one of those who likes to go back to the beginning, you may find big jumps in time (my apologies) or even items that seem completely off-topic back toward the beginning. I also at one point had two separate blogs: one for cycling and one for weight-loss goals. These were eventually combined here, as I found it difficult to maintain two separate blogs. While weight loss petered out, cycling topics remain.

As time has passed, I've contemplated (at various points) closing up shop, so to speak. It's no easy task to keep a blog together for any stretch of time (I have great admiration for those who do), but I have to admit I enjoy being able to share my failures and triumphs, heartache and euphoria with others. So in summary, that day has yet to actually materialize. Without people reading and sharing their experience(s), it would be far less enjoyable though - so thank you!

This blog is by no stretch a number one read for the masses, but I look at it as my opportunity to share what I've learned and to be taught by others. To this end, please feel free to leave your thoughts on anything that catches your eye (respectful comments, please, even if your beliefs differ from mine or another's).

Since this is supposed to be about me and not the blog itself, I suppose I should share something about the actual person behind the scene.

My name is G.E. and I reside in the United States in the state of Colorado, about a 30-minute, no-traffic drive (much longer bike ride) outside of Denver. I grew up in California on the central coast in a smallish farm city and still have relatives residing on opposite ends of the state. I love Colorado though and view it as home after living here for a number of years now.

I rode a bike as a child and pre-teen, after which cars took over my interest. I wouldn't find myself on a bike again until my late 20s. At that point, I still wasn't riding frequently, but in 2005, I started riding more regularly on a bike borrowed from my husband. I was training to run a marathon (a whole nightmare of its own, as I am not a runner by any stretch), and was looking for ways to cross train and work different muscles.

Since that time, cycling has taken on more of a transportation role in my life, but I have great interest and enthusiasm for training/sport rides to see how far and/or hard I can push myself. I have dreams of multi-day bicycle tours and long distance brevets, but there is time for all of these possibilities. I completed my first century in 2013 - something I never thought possible due to hand issues - and rode my second one just a couple of weeks later. While I struggle with speed, endurance seems to lend itself more to my strengths... or perhaps stubbornness.
Sam and G.E. - It's an older photo, but just picture this of us, with more wrinkles now.

I am married to Sam who is an athletic sort. He participates in a variety of long-distance and shorter-distance events. He runs, he bikes, he is capable of doing just about anything he sets his mind to do. Unlike me, he has lived a life as a trim and fit individual (with rare exception), but he's also fantastic at encouraging me to push my boundaries. We are both kickboxers and have each earned a black belt (but I hold to my belief that his came much easier than mine in regard to physical exertion).
We live with our two dogs, a Labrador and a Golden Retriever, who are generous enough to allow us a small sliver of sleeping space at night in bed. They enjoy dragging me around on a leash, going for swims, and above all fetching tennis balls. Oh, and of course they enjoy snacks whenever they're being handed out (and sometimes even when they aren't).

I am fortunate to have had a career full of interesting twists and turns. At various points I have held titles in Human Resources, Public Relations, Education, and Insurance. In 2008, I reached a point of exhaustion with what I spent my days doing and returned to college to earn a degree in fine arts. This degree (with a concentration in painting) came to an end in 2012, at which point I began working from home as an artist. It is by no means steady money (often no money), and I am not great at promoting myself or my work (though I occasionally drop something here on the blog), but I can honestly say I find the work far more fulfilling than any job I'd held prior. While most of my work is painting, I enjoy working with clay, "playing" with metal, and exploring various ways to be creative outside what is considered normal. I am definitely not a photographer (though I try), which is obvious from many of the photos that end up here on E.V.L.

Locally, I am known (at least to those who have spent any time around me) for my cookies and baked goods. I have no idea how it started, but it's difficult for me to escape an event without a request for chocolate chip cookies. Since I enjoy baking, it isn't really a problem though.

If you've happened upon me for the first time, or have been reading for many years, I hope that you find something of value here. If you'd like to get in touch with me, feel free to check out my Contact Info page. I'm happy to chat about just about any topic, so please don't hesitate to drop me a note or leave a comment on a post.

Happy riding!


  1. Hi! Just happened upon your blog and wanted to say how cute your "kids" are :) I had 3 of the 4-legged variety at one time, but am down to just one geriatric dog currently. She's almost 15 and having health issues which makes me sad, but I'm glad to have had her this long! Looking forward to reading more of your blog - am adding it to my list! My husband is also in IT by the way, but not a potter :)

  2. Very cool, Traci! Three fur children at once is a handful, but it sounds like you know the feeling. It always saddens me as they age, and I find myself wondering how we'll survive without them.

    The IT people are their own breed, but I love mine to death, and he's actually not the 'typical' IT person that a lot of people have to deal with.

  3. Hi, Traci. I just found your blog. Have a great time in art school. I loved it. I don't make art these days but my BFA is something I will never regret. Love the graphite cow drawing by the way. My husband and I have a very dogcentric home with a little Smooth Fox Terrior (just a slightly bigger Rat Terrior is all) and a Schnauzer-Petit Basset mix. We laugh about getting a bike trailer to hitch them on to for little bike outings on the urban trail. I'm truly jealous of you living in Colorado, one of the places we'll look at relocating to if we don't survive lay-off season.

  4. Howdy there! I am definitely enjoying my art classes. I realized (as I'm ending the semester now in less than a week) that it's moving entirely too fast. It's all very interesting though.

    I would LOVE to get a hitch to hook up the dogs, but I have debated whether or not I could actually pull the weight of a trailer and 175 pounds of dog. In my next life, I must have smaller dogs, or at least not as many! :o) Sounds like you have a fun mix yourself. They must keep you entirely amused.

  5. Love your babies! My husband is talking about making bicycle sidecars for our old dogs (one is 88 lbs, one 40 lbs.) I'll have to post if we ever get around to it!

  6. I would LOVE to see a bicycle sidecar for dogs, so I hope if you do build one, you definitely share the info. :o) I'm in a similar boat as I'd have to be able to haul quite a bit of dog weight, but I'd be willing to do it short distances.

  7. Hey hi iam Deepak was just passing by the google images to find Happy Holidays pics & accidentally came to your blog & read about you it nice that you follow your passion its good!


  8. Deepak, Thank you for stopping by and for the holiday wishes. Very happy holidays to you and yours, too!

  9. Hi Girl!

    That kind of cute Bessie would be always welcome for dinner in Hungary as well.

  10. Hi, I stumbled upon your blog... nicely done, a quite enjoyable read. Thanks for sharing! Rick Edmonds

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Rick. Please feel free to jump in with anything of interest to you. :O)


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