Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bicycles are Fun

It's a beautiful day today here in Colorado. The sun is shining brightly, no real clouds to speak of in the sky, and the temps are causing me to long for Spring time (we're near 60 degrees at 3p). Unfortunately, it is March and it is a highly unpredictable month for these parts. One day it will be high fifty degree temperatures, and the next it could be near zero and snowing. Such a fickle state, but I suppose that's what so many people love about it.

Because of this beautiful weather today, and the fact that I'm avoiding painting (per my usual when the sun is out and calling to me), I decided that I'd ride my bicycle over to UPS to get some packages off to where they belong. I had on a turtleneck and sweater, and quickly realized that the sweater was unnecessary. I felt for the packages behind me on the Ticino's rear rack every once in awhile, as I haven't quite mastered securing packages to this particular rack. All was moving along swimmingly... until I reached UPS, dismounted my bicycle, and realized that my packages had disappeared. I walked around the parking lot thinking I must've lost them close by, but they were no where in sight. So, I got back on the bike and retraced my steps. About a half mile out, I found my packages: one in the middle of the busy road (which had been run over a couple of times) and the other sitting in the gutter/shoulder of the road. {sigh} What's a girl to do? Just as I realized that my packages were on the other side of the road, a nice city worker pulled up on the opposite side, trying to investigate the package in the middle of the road. I shouted to him that it was mine and that I'd lost it on my way over to deposit them at UPS. He very generously offered to put on his orange vest and brave the road to retrieve -the package, while I ran across (in my non-day-glow orange clothes) to get the other one. Luckily, we both survived... the packages, weren't in the best of shape, however. Fortunately for me, UPS guy (who normally ignores me when I drop packages) was kind enough to provide me a supply of packing tape to get them all put back together again. At least it made for an interesting trip on an otherwise uneventful bicycle ride. My only regret was not taking pictures of the packages as they rolled about in the road.

So now I'm back home, preparing to get back to painting. I actually did paint earlier, but when it got so warm, I felt the need to bicycle anywhere I could. I have a take home test to complete, a redo in ceramics (damn the exploding pregnant llama!) and a cutting project (that sounds weird, but I swear it only involves paper and scissors/exacto knife) to get through, so I have plenty to keep me busy for some time.

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