Saturday, February 20, 2010

Time for an Update?

I have not updated for a few weeks, it seems. Not really sure why, but I suppose I should have something to say after the passage of several days, right?

School update: We're almost a third of the way through the semester, so as one can see, I am definitely doing the countdown. It's not that I'm not enjoying some of it, but I think I'm just on a mission to be done with this. In the back of my head I still have the idea that grad school may be a possibility, but I'm not sure I can deal with it. One interesting note is that painting is a lot more enjoyable than last semester, and I am quite thankful to have an instructor who actually wants us to do our own work and do our best. A welcomed change, certainly.

I'm not loving ceramics. It's not that I don't enjoy playing the clay, but I'm not loving the actual instruction going on. I would welcome a change there, or even dropping the class, except that I can't afford to be down yet another course, so I remain. Trudging through it all.

Life update: Not much to share here. Everything seems to just be moving along without too much trouble. The dogs are well, and enjoying their park visits. Sam is doing well - a job would be nice, but it will come in time. Patience is a virtue, right? And, I just saw a commercial for "Essure," this permanent birth control that isn't surgery and has no hormones... hmm... interesting. A little scary sounding with sticking something in the fallopian tube that is going to cause skin to "block" any sperm, but you know, it's interesting nonetheless.

Bicycle update: I miss riding because it's snowing, but I suppose it will melt quickly and life will resume. To get me by, I find myself perusing websites with super expensive bicycles that I will never, ever be able to actually have. Some pictures of my bicycle(s) will perhaps help?

Bicycles are so pretty and so fun to ride. It makes me miss California and being able to be outside year round with very little "down time" for snow.

I'm also thinking about getting some new Schwalbe's for both Phoebe and the Ticino. I also think the Ticino needs a name... what, I have no idea, but if I'm going to name my bicycles, it seems wrong not to name the Ticino. Something sophisticated, I suppose? Not sure.

For now, life moves forward, whether I'm ready or not. Hopefully, I can get everything done before Monday because it seems as though everything happens all at once.

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