Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Black Friday and Goodbye to an "Extra" Car

Well, since I missed wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving (boy, yesterday was a crazy-busy day for a holiday, and I spent entirely too much of the day in the kitchen), I will hope that all had a beautiful day and that "Black Friday" won't be/wasn't horribly painful. If you're like me, you avoid any semblance of shopping the day after Thanksgiving anyway, and definitely only want to go places I can ride my bike. Today was absolutely no exception, and we found ourselves only wandering into second hand and other thrift-type stores. Funny enough, we can't seem to miss the bicycles, even when we're not looking for them. Our local Habitat for Humanity has several bicycles for the cost of a few cups of coffee (apologies for the not-so-great photos).
This Fuji just needs a bit of work, but looks to run just fine.
The Gary Fisher here was quite small, but looks to be a well running mountain bike... hey, wait if someone wants a mountain bike, I have my own I'm trying to sell. :O)
Today is also about as opposite of a "Black Friday" as one could imagine for us. Instead of spending money, in the long run we will actually be putting money back in our pockets with the sale of one of our vehicles. The Honda Civic has been sold and officially departs our ownership as of 3p (MST) today. Neither of us could be more thrilled. Losing this payment and the insurance costs alone will be a major addition to our income, and we're both kind of amazed that it's taken us so long to realize that we definitely don't need this kind of extra in our lives.
So, even though it's the day after Thanksgiving, I would like to give thanks for the ability to get out from under this good size financial burden, and for knowing that we'll be able to live more comfortably in the long run without this cash-draining machine (which is not to say that it was a bad car at all - for a car, it's actually quite cost-efficient. Is that a kind of oxymoron? Not sure). We were able to get out of the payments almost exactly evenly, which makes the sale all the better. While I'm a bit nervous about what is in store for us, I know that this is the best decision we could have made at this point in our lives.


  1. Congratulations on relieving yourself of this burden!

  2. Thanks, Cecily! We are VERY happy. :O)

  3. Umm... I know I'm a couple weeks late to this post, but the fork on that Gary Fisher is on backwards! That could be very dangerous if someone tries to ride it that way. If that thrift shop were in my neighborhood, I'd come back with a multi-tool and turn that thing around! And congratulations on getting rid of a car. Those things tend to stick around longer than one really needs them.

  4. You know, I noticed that also after we got home and I actually looked at the photo. I keep thinking I should run by again to see if they still have it and let them know that the fork is backwards. I would hate to see someone get hurt because they didn't realize it wasn't set up properly!


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