Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Commute by Bicycle? [Hysterical laughter]

Busy week here for our household and out-of-town (well, country actually) family en route, but I just had to link this video below. I have viewed it multiple times over the last couple of weeks and it always seems to get under my skin. I'm trying to pinpoint exactly why. Is it the creepy-fakey acting? Maybe. More than likely though, I think it's that I'm disturbed that the idea of commuting by bicycle is so laughable to these folks... and it's not even a car commercial. Perhaps it goes back to my thought from a prior post that there should be a bicycle commuting campaign to help the mass population understand that riding a bike to work is not laughable.

Maybe it's not as bad as it seems to me. I just don't like that an already highly accepted idea is being reinforced, but perhaps no one is reading into it that much? Your thoughts?


  1. Mortal sin, breaking up the carpool....

  2. The way I see it is this: who would want to be these people?

    So it does a great job to sell the message: "get me the hell out of this car -- running and screaming -- and find me a bike!"

  3. She's bending to peer pressure, laughing off the idea of riding to work. But, you got to admit she captured their attention. Perhaps she really is serious though...who knows?

  4. part II of commercial: they're all cycling to work in an echelon.

    "Wells Fargo: our customers are happy customers."

    I'm waiting!

  5. That's just...weird.
    "Seriously, though, what's a bike for?"

    1. A bike is for taking up space in your garage, or as a trophy on top of your car.

    2. Agreed. The ad itself is just bizarre, I would say, Kendra.

    3. Yes, it is "weird" - to us. But probably not weird to ask that question for the majority of people in the US. Maybe something we can change over time? That buying a bike would have an reason behind it that is obvious to the majority of Americans. For a few of us, owning (riding) a bike is a lifestyle choice. But it is sobering to realize we are a small minority. All the more reason for this blog and others.

      There is a resurgence of biking in the US, but the focus of the biking community is on infrastructure. Bike lanes, bike share programs, etc. I feel that this commercial shows that the real challenge is educating Americans about bikes and changing attitudes.


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