Friday, November 18, 2011

Crazy Days are Here Again

I'm feeling crazed and a bit chaotic these days. As the end of this semester draws to a close in the next few weeks, the true frantic nature of  "the end" seems to set in. These days, I am consumed by painting (both for school and in an attempt to get our basement to a finished state for would-be visitors during the holiday season), research papers that I have put off due to the above, and of course, like everyone else, attempting to maintain the rest of life.
More pigeons in progress - some day, this project will be done
All of this is not to complain, but rather to say that the next few weeks will likely be a bit sporadic with posting. Here are some brief updates as far as life and bicycles go:

- Sam's much loved Bianchi has made it back to the house after a roughly 3 week vacation during which the frame received desperately needed surface rust removal and a paint job. It looks beautiful and I can't wait to take some photos to share.

- I am still attempting to figure out the Bella Ciao Superba. Being stuck indoors for most of the last week hasn't helped with these efforts, but I have hopes that this will change in the upcoming weeks. Sharing more thoughts is certainly on the way. There is also another temporarily acquired bicycle in the house, which I hope to use for comparison purposes with the Bella Ciao Superba (though it rides nothing like the Bella Ciao).

- We have one of the two rooms in the basement "finished," meaning that flooring and paint is complete, but it still needs furniture. The second room will be de-ickified/scary-ified this weekend (see here for an image of what it felt like prior), so progress is being made.

- My 3/4 critique with the mass-o-pigeons went well. I think people are amused by them, especially in mass (it's difficult to ignore a room with several dozen painted pigeons). I also think people will now refer to me as the "crazy pigeon lady," but I'm okay with it. The painting coordinator seems on board with my idea to invade the space of the gallery in the spring (though my instructor is not), but only time will tell if the curator and other artists will be down with the whole plan.

So, there you have it, updates from life here in these parts. The weeks are flying by, and here we are again with a wish for a very happy Friday. Get out there and ride, especially if you're here in Colorado where we're expecting near 60 degree Fahrenheit temps today (now if only the wind would subside). Happy Friday and quickly approaching weekend. Enjoy it, wherever life takes you.

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