Monday, October 17, 2011

Bikes for Sale: Surly Long Haul Trucker, Public V7, & Bridgestone MB-S

Once again our bicycle herd is changing (or maybe thinning is a better word), and we have a few bikes up for sale. I thought I'd put up a post in case anyone is looking for, has interest in, or knows anyone who might be looking for any of these bikes.

The first bike is the Surly Long Haul Trucker. SOLD
The frame size is the 46cm... and other details can be found on e-Bay here. Sam got another bike over the summer that he has been riding more often, so he's decided that the LHT really does need to go to a new home.

Next up, the Public Bikes V7  SOLD... I would prefer to sell this to someone locally, but will consider packing and shipping within the U.S.
This one has been Sam's "city bike," but he tends to like to just ride his road bike as a city bike, so this hasn't been getting the use it really should. It's the Standard size model (ideal for someone approximately 4'10"-5'6"). You can find more details on CL here. If you aren't local and would need shipping, just get in touch and we can discuss this as a possibility. As forewarning, bike shipping costs seem to have increased, so it's generally somewhere in the neighborhood of $110-140. Also, if anyone would like better pictures, I can email those as well.

The final bike for sale is the 1994 Bridgestone MB-S.
My mountain biking career doesn't seem to have taken off, and since I'm still terrified of the rocks, we've decided to let this one go. I'm sure someone out there could make great use of this beauty. You can find additional information on CL. She (he?) has several scratches, but I still think it's a gorgeous ride (and am in love with the lugs, of course). This one is a 16 inch size (or a size small). Again, I'd prefer to sell this locally, but will consider shipping, if need be.

I'll take this post down and remove specific bikes as they sell, so if this post is still up, then we still have the bikes. Feel free to inquire with questions: endlessvelolove {at} gmail.

Have a beautiful day!

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