Friday, March 18, 2011

The Inspection

As posted last week, we had our home inspection on the house we are potentially buying earlier this week. The inspection went surprisingly well, and for a house that is almost 75 years old, there wasn't much that needs repair...and most of it will be resolved by the seller, prior to closing (which is even better). Of course, there will still be things that need updating and fixing, but for the most part, it is move-in ready, so we're happy campers.
Living Room at the new house - small, but cute (and I love all the windows!)
It was great to be there for the inspection because it provided us another view of the house. It was our third time seeing the house, so we were able to take a look at all the little things that we don't always see the first or even second time around. Surprisingly, we didn't really find much that was bothersome. While the kitchen needs updating, it is usable/livable at the moment. My favorite part of the physical house is all the light in the house... I truly believe one can never have enough windows.
Dining Room off the Living Room... again, lots of light (yay!)
Though it's new, the chandelier will be going, as I'm not a fan
 (assuming this actually happens <<< my anti-jinx)
My overall favorite aspect of this house is the location. After 7 1/2 years of wanting to be close to actual places we frequent, it could very well be happening within a month. To be able to ride our bicycles to just about anywhere and not have it be an all day excursion is truly thrilling... not to mention that there are some beautiful long-distance rides to experience more frequently as well.

So, as we wade through the process of funding the loan and remedying the little things in this possible new house, we grow more and more excited about the future possibilities. Even though it's small, we know that location was most important to us, and we are finding ourselves very much looking forward to the change.


  1. Just from the two photos does the house appear to be very inviting!

    Good luck.

  2. Thanks, Maggie! We are very excited about the possibility. :o)


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