Friday, March 11, 2011

Under Contract... Again

So, hopefully I'm not jinxing us by posting this (as it seems to have been bad luck in the past), but Sam and I had our offer accepted on another house. This came after some semi-drama with another house that became a multiple offer situation. However, I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason, and the house that we are now under contract with is the right house for us.
Sam and I had actually "stalked" this house last year when we were on one of our rounds of "let's find a new house." At that time, it had some issues that needed to be resolved (such as no furnace) that would have prevented us from purchasing the place. Fortunately for us, the timing kind of worked itself out, and now the house has been updated (electrical, plumbing, paint - and it has a furnace now!) and is ready to be lived in. The main floor living space is a little over 700 square feet and it has a lot of windows that let in awesome light (something I really wanted in a new home). The basement square footage provides an additional 700 and some odd square feet that need to be finished (it was started, but never completed), but it will make great storage for now, and potentially in the future a guest room and possible entertaining space.

While the yard has been cleared of refuse, it needs quite a bit of work, but I think we're actually both looking forward to the potential possible in it. It could make a great entertaining space as well. In addition to the yard, we'll also need to figure out where the art studio will be located as it doesn't presently have a spot for this. Unfortunately, the basement area has low ceilings, so it's not conducive for this, but we think we have a solution in the works.

Overall, we're keeping positive that this one will actually work out. Our inspection is early next week, so as long as that goes well (which we anticipate because everything has been updated), it looks like a spring move may be in the works.


  1. I'm so behind on reading and commenting on any blogs! That's really exciting - congrats on having your offer accepted! Will keep my fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly. I'm also a believer that things work out for the best, even if it doesn't seem so at the time. We also didn't get a few houses (for various reasons) that we made offers on before our current house, but looking back, we're actually glad that we didn't! Good luck with the inspection!

  2. Thanks! All seems to be moving along quite well, so we remain hopeful. I think the dogs will really like the new place as there's a decent size yard, parks all around, and the dog park is pretty close by as well.


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