Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bicycle vs Car

An interesting quick video on one woman's choice to pick up a bicycle instead of driving everywhere.

Now, if only people would come to a similar conclusion when gas prices are down. I understand that the cost of a gallon of gas is often a huge motivator for people to try to save some money, but I think it goes beyond the price of filling the tank. Shouldn't we just take these short trips by foot or bicycle anyway? It seems so wasteful of resources to take those 2 mile and under trips by car... but maybe that's just me?


  1. It's not just you! I have two lists of reasons I ride my bike.

    One is the personal: First of all it's FUN, plus I get exercise in my day without having to schedule it in or pay gym fees, and I get to know my city in a whole new way. That's even before saving all that money on gas, parking etc.

    The other is more about my community: I help contribute to better air quality, decrease wear and tear on the roads, take one car out of the fight for road space and parking, and help make us a healthier place to live.

    Either way, yes, we should ride bikes--especially for those short trips. Once you have your set-up it's literally easier (for me) than driving.

    I wrote a comparison of the hassle factor of bike vs. car and another comparing bike/bus/car because if I don't bike I take transit; I just don't want the inconvenience of a car (which is inside out from the way most people would say that sentence).

    By the way, I found you thanks to compiling a list of women's bike blogs. I now have a Twitter feed @womenbikeblogs and a Facebook page that I have set to share feeds from blogs. I keep adding to the list--it's amazing how many are out there.

    Keep it up!


  2. Hello! I'm glad you found me, and I'll definitely have to go and check out your Facebook page. It's great to see so many people into bicycles these days... perhaps we can change the world a bit at a time. :o)

  3. I also don't understand not taking short trips by foot or bicycle, assuming someone is able. I'm a big believer in transit as well and wish it was much better in Atlanta. I just took a new job and the thing that's killing me is the fact that I can't walk, bike, or take transit!! Ugh! I hate that, but I felt as if I couldn't turn the job down either, as it was a good opportunity. It's approx. 20 miles, and even if I could bike that distance on a daily basis, it would be through some really horrible areas and there's no way I'd do it at night - and I'll definitely be putting in some late hours. Not to mention that I may have to go to several different places some days. And of course, Atlanta's sorry excuse for transit won't get me where I need to go either. So...I'm just going to have to suck it up and hope that the other parts of the job outweigh the negative commute :)

  4. How exciting to have a new job! Congratulations!! I think biking 20 miles daily each way to a job is a bit much. I'm sure there are folks who do it, but I don't blame you at all for utilizing the best transportation option. I know I always hold out hope here for the light rail system to become a bit more usable outside of Denver so that we can all get to Denver and not have to clog up the main arteries. Hopefully, that day comes sooner than later. Hang in there, and again, congrats on the job!


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