Saturday, March 12, 2011

Small Bicycle Changes/Additions

I haven't been writing much about bicycles these days... there just seems to be so many other things on my mind. However, that certainly doesn't mean they aren't being used, and that transformations aren't continuing.

On the lessening-the-number-of-bikes front, Sam has officially eliminated one more:  one of the mountain bikes. The Surly was the one to go, and a happy new owner in Boulder was the recipient of this build. Sam is now down to his self-set requirement of "only" three bicycles: The Diamondback mountain bike, the Surly LHT, and his little folder (which I suspect he is eventually going to sell - or replace... but that remains to be seen).

As for me, the replacement Nitto Noodle bars finally arrived for the Hillborne. I swear, I could have driven cross-country and back several times in the amount of time it took to ship these from a few states away. Regardless of the slow shipment, I am glad to have these Noodle's back on the Hillborne, as I think they are the best choice for me on this ride. In addition to the new/replacement bars, I also got an awesome deal on some Brooks leather handlebar tape, and decided to use it instead of replacing with the old cork tape. It's definitely a more saturated/rich look, but I also think it's something I will enjoy.
Brooks brown leather handlebar tape on the Nitto Noodle bars
In addition to the handlebars, I am in contact with a local bike shop that sells/repairs Brooks saddles. My intention is to have them punch holes in the B72 so that I can lace it and prevent the spread from the softer style saddle, as I seem to need the width of this saddle riding in a more upright style on this bicycle. I'm hoping to have that project finished by end of month, at the latest.
Someday soon, this saddle won't "spread" when I ride... YIPEE!
The final little item related to bicycles was the receipt of a front and rear light mount for the Pashley Poppy. I have removable lights for the Hillborne, and decided that, since I will never be riding both at the same time, I could just get mounts and use these on either bike, rather than purchasing separate lights for each bike.
Pashley Poppy front mount for my Cateye head light
Pashley Poppy rear mount for my PDW tail light
So, there you have it... my lack of bicycle love is simply a lack of posting, and truly the attention to the two-wheeled transportation is continuing. By this time next month, I could be writing about new bicycle adventures in a new neighborhood. Time will tell.


  1. On your banner, it looks lie you've installed Moustache or Albatross bars on your Pashley Poppy, but I can't find a post about it. Details please! It looks intriguing.

  2. It's like you read my mind! I was actually thinking I should post about the handlebars and the ride of the Poppy in more detail, so that is certainly forthcoming within the next couple of days... however, I actually did post about the installation of the mustache bars here.


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