Monday, March 21, 2011

The Leather Hole Punch Hunt: Finding Brick House Leather Co

Yay! The saddle for the Hillborne is now laced and back where it belongs. I'm so happy. I feel as though Tony's been out of commission forever, and I know it's been at least a month now between waiting for the handlebars for so many weeks and trying to find someone who could punch holes and lace the saddle up for me.
Over the weekend, Sam and I traveled at least a hundred miles attempting to find someone who could simply punch some holes in the saddle.  After all the traveling, we realized that there was a leather shop here in Longmont, and though they are closed over weekends, today I was able to pay the store a visit and have everything resolved quickly and for a very reasonable price.
In fact, I have to say (for any locals who happen to read this), if you have any need for leather repair/service/etc, Brick House Leather Co is definitely a place to check out. The owner is super sweet, and was able to help me out right at that moment. As an added bonus, she's also a seamstress, and is willing to do minor things such as hemming, adding zippers, or even buttons to garments. As a shorter person, I was happy to hear this, and will definitely be visiting again. I was also interested that the owner makes her own leather conditioner that is organic (unlike many that are made from petroleum by-products), and while I haven't yet tried it, when mine runs out, I'm anxious to give it a try.
For now, my two bicycles seem to be whole again, and now I can just ride (which is completely wonderful!). The weather even seems to be cooperating for the time being, so I think that means it's time for a good long ride.


  1. Man, this is one of those places you have to hang onto, $10 and she got it done! These days that is so unusual, anywhere. You bring a project to someone, and it's always about doing it later, when they have time, etc...

    Good stuff. Now i just need to find some leather stuff that needs holes..

  2. {giggle} I don't think people normally want holes in their leather, but in this case, it worked quite well.


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