Thursday, March 17, 2011

Alternative Modes of Transport Paying Off (Literally!)

A new (unfortunately, short-term) plan, subsidized by a federal grant, has risen up to encourage locals to find alternate modes of transportation between Boulder/Denver (Hwy 36) and Longmont/Boulder (the Diagonal/Hwy 119). The Boulder County Business Report states that the program has been a great success, and that handing out $2/day to individuals (totalling $70k thus far) who were driving alone to work, and are now carpooling, bicycling, or taking public transportation has been an eye opener for these participants.
Black line highlights the Diagonal/Hwy 119 route
Red line highlights the Boulder Turnpike/Hwy 36 route
While the ultimate goal is to reduce the horrendous amount of car traffic on the two highways noted above, I'm curious to see if the long term affects from this short-term kind of experiment will pay off over the long run.  I think anything that helps people realize they don't always need to be in a car, driving alone, is an awesome step forward though, so hopefully this will encourage others to give it a go as well.

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