Thursday, February 17, 2011

E.V.L.'s Top Four

This post is purely for my own amusement (okay, they're almost always simply for my own enjoyment), but there's something about seeing the most read posts on this blog that makes me kind of giggle. It's not that I'm a big time blogger, and I'm certainly not concerned with reading statistics for this space on the web, nor that I really care to keep track of what others are reading, but it is a bit amusing to see what is most read, and I thought I'd share the top four, because, well, it's my blog... and that's what I'm doing today. While some of these top posts make sense, others I have to wonder what the individual was searching for in the blog-o-sphere to even find me. Regardless, here we go...

The #4 spot for most read blog post goes to
'Tis true. The number four most read post is entitled, "WTF am I doing?" Since many posts are discovered through the title, I can't help but wonder what someone was seeking an answer to/for. The post was about my struggles with hand pain and riding my Electra Ticino... which by the way, I still think is a fabulous bicycle, but because of my hand issues and the frame being aluminum, it just wasn't a good combo for me. I was debating whether or not to purchase the Pashley Princes Sovereign, but I didn't want to spend the money on something else, only to have that not work out as well. Because so many individuals, at minimum, stop off briefly on this post, I wonder what they are looking for? Are they in search of life answers? Maybe they're researching a Ticino and discovered the post? Maybe they too have hand pain? The world (nor I) will likely never know.

The #3 slot and taking the bronze for most read blog post is
In many ways, this one makes sense to me. I know that when I got my first Electra (a Daisy cruiser), I had a hard time finding reviews or information about the brand, other than on their website. I would find online sellers, but that didn't really provide a ton of information,and more often than not, information about Carmen Electra would rise to the top in my searches. What I did find online in my searches were posts and reviews from some cyclists about other more expensive bicycles bashing the Electra brand. It was a bit sad to see because I don't have issues with these bikes. While they aren't as expensive as the Dutch, Italian, or English bicycles that have been made for decades upon decades, they have their place in the market. Quite honestly, I don't see them as competition for these afore mentioned manufacturers/builders by any means. But, I do think that Electra is a growing brand, and with so many large cruiser rides taking place in cities throughout the U.S., those who want slow, leisure rides to the beach or parks near by, and those who want to re-live decades gone by, they certainly have a market.

The #2 position, silver medal winner for most read blog post here goes to
I am really not sure what to think of this one. This post was a kind of vent for me (as most posts are) about my realization that I am in the minority of cyclists being an overweight female, and not finding the sorts of clothing I want to find out in the world, particularly those conducive for riding. While I want to believe that there are others out there who sympathize, or those who are able to empathize because they are in a similar situation, I think the reality is that there's probably one of two things happening. 1) The person is searching for some kind of fetish adult content, or 2) the searcher is looking for a large truck for transport purposes. Either way, I'm sure they are disappointed to discover that the post has nothing to do with either.

The moment we've all been waiting for. Drum roll please............................................

And, the #1 spot, taking the gold medal for most read post on this here blog goes to...
This number one spot is probably the least surprising of all the posts. When I read other bloggers sites and hear about others searching for a Pashley Princess Sovereign, I realize that they aren't so easy to come by, especially for those outside what have been apparently deemed the target markets for these kinds of bicycles. Basically, if one lives outside of Seattle, Chicago, or New York here in the U.S., it's not always easy to find this bike. I was fortunate that there is a great shop in Denver that just happened to have a Princess in stock, and it just happened to be in the right size, but beyond that, for some areas of the country (and I'm sure other countries as well) it's no easy task to hunt down these Pashley's.

So, there you have it. The top four most read blog posts here on Endless Velo Love.


  1. The whole deal is a trip to me, it's incredible how information, and searches become public on the internet. You are just searching for one of these terms, and "Endless Velo Love" comes up with an article! I guess this is what its all about.. Information at the tips of your fingers, and now YOU are at the tips of the worlds fingers : )

  2. I'm not sure I like being at the finger tips of everyone, but it is what happens when information is on the web, certainly. Not sure what to make of it, but I do think it's amusing how others can find us... fascinating, really.


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