Friday, February 18, 2011

More Aussie Animals

Yesterday, I received a fun new image from brother dear in Australia. This one wasn't quite as furry and cuddly looking, but was still fascinating nonetheless.
Bearded dragon walks about the neighborhood
This bearded dragon was, as I'm told, standing right outside his door as he went to leave the house. Pretty incredible! My brother is working right in the center of the continent of Australia, so it sounds like he has a whole mix of animals, and both dessert and greenery around him. I'm sure it makes for some interesting critters lurking about.


  1. The variety of weather, and animals there fascinates me! He really needs to get up close with a Kangaroo, and send some pictures. Wild man, literally.

  2. He has been up close with a kanga... it was just dead, and he was eating it. :o( I told him not to tell me about that anymore, but only to send pics of live animals.


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