Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dare to Dream

Today was a wonderful, but highly exhausting day! Here's how it all started...

The tale starts back a few weeks ago when we were contacted by a Realtor who we'd met at an open house in Old Town Longmont about 5-6 weeks ago. We had wandered in, as we often do on a weekend day, just to check out the house. It was a small house, but adorable, and we chit-chatted with the agent about the house, how we've lived in our house for 7+ years, and it seems that there's no escape for us, and she reminded us that if one never asks the questions, the answer is always, "No." Good advice for our situation, and life in general.

Anyway, so we had a pleasant conversation, and figured we'd never do anything about it. Then, a few weeks ago, the agent rather randomly contacts us saying that she talked to a mortgage broker she knows and the broker thought that it might actually be possible for us to get a loan for a house, even though we can't sell our current home (Yay!). So, we spent some time communicating with the broker, providing information and we were actually pre-approved for a loan - quite shockingly - pending verification of some funds we should have by the end of the month. It's not a big loan because the laws have changed with mortgages since the huge crash that has taken place over the last few years (so, even though we will be renting out our house if this goes through, they will not count that as income or a negation of debt), but it's enough for us to look for something in the Denver area.

Today, we had the opportunity to go and check out some of the homes we've been eye balling online, but were unable to actually see without an agent. It was really fun to be able to look and consider these places seriously, and we think we actually have a winner, which is even more exciting. At this point, we've put in an offer, but of course that is only a beginning step. We do have hope though that all will go well, and perhaps in the next couple of months, we could be living closer to the city... well, we would actually technically live in the city of Denver. Crazy.

After years of wanting out of this 'hood, we might actually have the opportunity to squeeze a way through. Here's to hoping!

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