Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pups Swim, I Ride

This morning was full of exercise for both the dogs and myself. We woke up early (while the fish were still flopping in the reservoir) and the dogs got their exercise swimming after the tennis balls and chasing each other around the grounds. Thank goodness there's usually no one there early in the morning, as my four-legged brats seem to take over the place.
The dogs play 'keep away' with each other at Union Reservoir
Yes, those small, organic spots in the water are my swimming dogs... at least two of them. It was a beautiful morning, and a perfect temperature at 7a to be out and moving. Today is supposed to be warmer than it's been over the past week, so watching them romp and play was very fun before the heat catches up with us. 

Our Golden, Levi, also had a little fun of his own. He spotted a stork swimming by in the water and made it his mission to apprehend this beast who dared pass in his presence.
Much closer to us than he appears in this picture, a calm
(but clueless) stork, swims by
Fortunately for the bird, Levi is extremely lazy and gave up on chasing the bird shortly after he started. It was amusing, though, to watch our 'bird dog' actually find a bird amusing and something worth going after.

After the dogs amused themselves for about an hour, we came home and I went for a ride on the Hillborne. It was the first ride for me since the Grand Bois Hetre tires were put back on the bicycle, and I have to say, all the hype is true. The tires really do seem to make for a more comfortable, less bumpy ride, even on rougher terrain. I was impressed! So, they do serve a purpose other than just looking pretty. 

Unfortunately, the hand pain still continues. I think perhaps the handlebars need to be raised a bit, and I also think that the new bar tape I purchased isn't as cushy as what I'd had on prior, so I may have to invest in yet another package, sadly. I just really want to be able to stand longer rides and I know that as long as my hands are hurting, this won't be possible. I remain hopeful though and definitely enjoyed the ride this morning.

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