Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Longer Rides = Pain-Filled Hands

I've now been on a few longer rides on the Hillborne, and I'm still trying to make it my own. Concerns about my wrists have surfaced once again, and I'm wondering if I'll ever be able to do the 40-50 mile rides I long to do, since 10-20 mile rides at this point seem to do me in. While Sam is in Indiana this week, and I have nothing better to do, I have a feeling I'll be testing different ways of riding to see what causes the least amount of strain to my hands.  I specifically worry about my right hand as it's already very weak, and I don't need to add to the issues. As I sit here typing, I'm having pain shoot through the right wrist, and while I can handle minor pain, I don't want to worsen any problems that already exist. I know that everyone says you shouldn't be in pain while riding, and generally speaking, I'm not in pain while I ride, but the after affects aren't always pleasant. I am determined to make this work though, so it's just a matter of some little tweaks, and I think we can make it work.

Sam Hillborne after cream tires and Berthoud fenders
were installed
One of the most exciting updates to the Hillborne is that I got my cream Grand Bois Hetre tires back on the bike. Yay!!! This was a big deal to me. When we discovered that the Honjo hammered fenders weren't going to work with the fat Grand Bois tires, it became apparent that I'd have to give in and put the black Schwalbe's on the bike. It did something aesthetically that did not please me, turning the bike into something (as I called it) too 'boy-like.' While I have no aversion specifically to riding something boyish, I had a picture in my head and it just wasn't becoming that bike. The pretty Grand Bois' now adorn the wheels once more, and these Berthoud fenders took the place of the Honjo's in order to get the tires to fit properly. It's a snug fit, but I think it will work just fine and life on the Hillborne can resume with the prettier look. My new pedals (the ones currently on the bike are from the stock of bike parts sitting in the garage) also arrived today, so I'm looking forward to getting those on and trying them out.

In addition, I need to put the Raleigh Triumph up for sale, as there are just too many bicycles in the house. I may need to sell the Super Course as well, but for now, I'm going to focus on clearing the garage of at least one bicycle. I'm thinking Craigslist is the best option, but I know how that can go as well. Until then, at least two bikes remain part of the decor in the living room. I'm not sure how much that really bothers me though... maybe it could become an entire bicycle theme for the living area?

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