Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Small Visitor

A little visitor made his way into our backyard today. I wouldn't have even known about him except that Sam went out to throw some boxes in the back and spotted the little guy jumping around.
A fist sized frog roams the yard
I went outside attempting to get some action shots, but I know I was likely scaring him. He did his best to hide away in what little there was for him to hide in, but he was just so adorable, I had to get a few shots before he departed.
The 'visitor' tries to hide himself in the rocks
I was finally able to get a good frontal shot of him, and then I let him be. What fun to be able to see something that I don't have the opportunity to view every day.
Sweet little froggy, hanging out
Thanks for the up close experience, Mr. Frog!

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