Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry (late) Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Life has been genuinely busy these past few weeks... much more so than I anticipated. I haven't blogged, and I haven't done much of anything in the way of things that really should be getting done either. This morning I realized I hadn't even put up a Merry Christmas wish to all. I really am completely out of it.

As a quick catch up...

I have yet to come off of my weight loss plateau. I manage to stick within a 4-5 pound variance and that seems to be where my body is happy for now. In another week, I'll be closing in on 3 months of this, so needless to say, I'm not thrilled. I'm still working out a lot. This week there's no kickboxing, so the gym has become my friend. Not really thrilled about that either because I find the gym dreadfully boring. To keep myself motivated, I have to attempt ridiculous amounts of time on cardio machines to have something in my head. Otherwise, I probably wouldn't go at all. While my body needs it (the rest, and the change in routine), I'll be glad to have the kickboxing back.

We actually had a White Christmas here in Colorado for the first time since we've lived here (almost 10 years now). We've had snow on the ground prior to this last Christmas, but it's never actually snowed on Christmas.  The snow began falling Christmas Eve at about 6p or so, and finished up in the morning hours on Christmas day. Then, the sun came out and shed its glorious light, and it felt like Colorado again. It's been cold (at the moment we are in mid-teen digits), but nothing that has been intolerable.
*Image from Denver Post
Seems about right for these parts... snowing, but people still out running (and even festively!)
On Christmas day, we awoke at about 5a and proceeded out to visit Sam's father, and to work on the Beetle project until the afternoon hours. I must say, this endeavor of ours has made me appreciate bicycles so much more, as well as the cost of automotive work. We must have at least 100 hours into sanding and grinding alone on this small vehicle's body, and we are still not at the finish line. While it's exhausting and somewhat demotivating (especially when things appear to be the same all the time), I am glad it's something Sam and I can work on together, and to know that we truly built the car together for a very small amount of monetary investment. I hope it's one of those things we can enjoy and laugh about later, but for the time being, I will simply say that I'll be glad to see it come to an end. I remain hopeful that paint will be on the body of the car in the next couple of weeks (though I am not holding my breath).
Beetle fenders/lid
Paint color has been another sore spot. I change my mind quite frequently because I find another color that seems perfectly suited to the VW, but then the next day I'm on to something else. The curse of not having a favorite color? I'm not sure. I personally prefer more subdued colors, but there's a part of me that wants something more outrageous (not crazy - like people staring and pointing outrageous - but something more interesting). I think the Beetle itself has enough character that it doesn't need a ridiculous color on it, but since I tend to be a bit more muted in my personal color choices, I keep thinking that maybe the car should be louder? I made a decision last night, but I've made several over the course of several weeks, so I will wait to see what the ultimate color will be for this project. I've even considered doing a hand painted hood or lid on the car, but then I thought perhaps that is a bit obnoxious. We shall see.
It may not look like much, but this took an eternity to grind off
As far as bicycles are concerned, I haven't been on one in about a week. As stated prior, I am completely terrified of ice on the roads, so until it melts, I likely won't be seeing too much outdoor saddle time. Sam's going to be trying out a new(er) local spinning location, so hopefully we will hear more about that experience. As for me, I'll get out on the bike now and again this winter I'm sure, but I find it more challenging as the wind and cold seem to pick up this time of year. Hopefully, others are out riding and enjoying.

I hope everyone had a beautiful holiday, and enjoyed it with those you love. Stay safe out there, and in case I don't get back in time for a new year's wish, a very happy New Year to you and yours!


  1. Merry Christmas, G.E. & Sam! :)

    This might be an interesting choice for your car...

    Or perhaps this? (Bonus: you can actually see what it looks like on a Beetle.)


    1. I've actually seen the photos of that is so cool! I don't think we have the time for that sort of investment and it will likely be far less exciting (color-wise), but I love the look. I feel a bit strange painting something custom on my own feels very self-indulgent and I worry that I would see every I probably will stick to something solid.

      Hope you both had a great Christmas too and best wishes for a prosperous new year! :0)

  2. Merry Christmas G.E. & Sam! Sorry I haven't been by much lately. Like your beetle, I've been working on a big project too. I'm embarassed to tell you how long it's been since I was on a bike. But, it's winter and I don't like winter riding much. Can't wait to see the VW.

    1. Howdy! I'm glad I'm not the only one who hasn't been around here lately. :0) I don't think you should be embarrassed about not being on your bike. I can definitely identify with not wanting/not enjoying winter riding as much. It is the very reason for our Beetle project. What kind of project are you working on?

  3. Well, I took a Gillig Phantom transit bus and I'm turning it into my dog show vehicle. This is a project not for the faint-of-heart. It will resemble a motorhome inside, but without all the carpet and wasted space that motorhomes typically have. Of course, it has the original bike rack on the front! Can't be without a bike! Earlier this year I took the bike rack off and completely restored it to look like new --- powder coat and all. I did all the outside work this fall while the weather was good and I'm working on the inside this winter. I'm almost finished the bedroom. I work for a transit authority, so I know the vehicles. I think I still have your email. I'll send you a couple pics.

    1. So incredible! I love that you're even keeping the bike rack too. Thanks for the would be great to see the end product when you get there too. I'm sure you'll be busy for awhile with this, but I have no doubt it'll be worth it in the end. :0)

  4. I love Beetles! I had a new Beetle until 2008 when we sold it to go down to one car. We were living in Flagstaff at the time and needed the Element for its higher clearnance since Flag can get a lot of snow. Now in Phx, I wish we still had the Beetle instead. Good luck with the color. I'm really into vintage colors right now.

    I've definitely dealt with weight loss plateaus but they are natural and you'll get past it. If you aren't lifting weights, I highly recommend it for building strength and maintaining bone density, which will become increasingly important after 40 - so start now.

    Not on the bike either, due to recent surgery. I hate being seditary and hobbling around on crutches. I never thought I could miss pedaling around so much.

    1. I hope you're able to get back to riding soon. I know how nutty I can get when I can't ride. Take care of yourself.

      Thanks for the well-wishes with the Beetle project. I'm hoping that we'll be able to actually see some progress soon.

      As for the just seems to be a routine for me at this point, unfortunately. I do weight training and cardio, so hopefully, it will turn things around soon. :0)

  5. Happy new year! I walked to work today rather than ride. It was about 10F; I totally over-dressed and kinda wish I had ridden, altho I did enjoy walking for a change.

    Please be patient with your weight plateau. I truly believe that the body needs to take a breather once in a while. Also, the ability to MAINTAIN weight loss is an art in and of itself--not to be sneezed at. I've kept 50 lbs off for several years, and even tho I'm about 50 lbs from being non-fat, I realize how very unusual it is not to have regained it all by now.

    1. Happy new year to you too. Funny enough, I walked to the gym this morning instead of riding and I was wishing after I started that I'd just taken the bike. Live and learn, I suppose. :O)

      I agree with you re: maintenance. I don't take it lightly, as I'm thankful at least to not see the numbers climbing dramatically. I find it difficult to be patient with this, especially when it's been a number of months now of maintaining and still working hard... but, even with that said, I know eventually it will have to cooperate, so I keep on.

      Congrats to you on being able to maintain long-term! I think that is quite impressive. :o)


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