Thursday, December 22, 2011

Weather and Locals

For those of you who voted during my "should I add a co-blogger" dilemma, I just wanted to say that I appreciate your input regarding the blog. While I don't think I'll be adding a co-blogger any time soon, today, I do have a guest post from Sam to allow me some time to prepare for visitors arriving. While this post isn't bicycle-related, it is seasonally relevant (and for us, applicable to this morning as we had a nice helping of snow drop over night). So, without further delay, here's Sam...

We are interrupting your random daily giveaway with a DEADLY STORM!

On Monday, we had a “deadly winter storm”, which brought us somewhere near ½ inch of wet snow, a bit of ice, and nearly 25F degree temperatures.
Image source and original story found here
Local person can’t handle a small amount of snow in his “kick ass” 4WD!

Have you ever noticed how locals (wherever is local to you), have more trouble with the regional weather than people who were born elsewhere?  I found this common in California as well.  When it would rain, it would have the same effect as 5mm of snow here in Colorado.

This is an amusing joke that we have been making since moving here in 2003, but the joke has become more and more real over the years. People who are true “locals” spend more time in the ditch than anyone I have ever seen.

Chime in, but not while driving (what most people are doing every morning when I pass them).

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  1. I imagine it's because local feel like they are experts on local weather, and therefore become overconfident. Non-locals are more cautious and don't end up in the ditch.


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