Friday, August 5, 2011

Paying it Forward: Nanda's Entry

The Paying it Forward Po Campo giveaway is still in progress, and it's time to share another entry. Today's story comes from Nanda who shares an account that includes positives from both another cyclist and a driver of a horse trailer!

"I’ve been asking my awesome husband to tell this story all week, but he’s been too busy, so I am telling it for him…

Every Wednesday evening the local cycling kids host a popular, informal race ride on rural roads outside of our town, and the Husband participates each week. I usually take this time to do my own (albeit slower) ride, but with my ride ending at the same location as the race ride – when I time it right we finish a few minutes of each other and we can ride home together.
Two weeks ago, as I was riding up the very last hill on the way to the town limits and finish, one of his teammates rode up next to me to let me know that the Husband broke a spoke and would need a ride – this Teammate had abandoned the race and then chased me for 15 miles just to help out the Husband – giving up the chance to get any kind of gloating rights for the next week. We worked together to get up the hill at a somewhat faster speed then I would have been able to do on my own, and he stuck with me even when the racing group caught up to pass. I rode home, grabbed the keys to the truck and returned to pick up the Husband, arriving just in time to see him pull up as the VIP passenger of a horse trailer – these Equestrians had picked up the Husband from the side of a rural road and driven him in straw-bed comfort for almost 20 miles, just to safely return him and his bicycle to town limits.
Now, I ride my bike for work and for play, and have many interactions with cyclists and drivers in the course of any given week – and it was hard to pick which story to tell – a few weeks ago, a driver offered me a quart of Gatorade on a 90 degree day; last year, a pick-up truck stopped to help me out when another truck ran me off the road, but I like that both a cyclist and driver helped the Husband get home safely when he was in a bind many miles from home.

I've attached 2 pictures as well, one of my husband on an issue-free race ride and one of two of our bicycles parked at a street festival we once accidentally ran into while riding together and we stopped for street-festival food (yum)."  -Nanda

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