Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy Friday! Po Campo "Paying it Forward" Give-Away

Happy Friday! I hope all are enjoying a gorgeous day.  I always love a good give-away - but who doesn't? Today, is the start of a little contest I'm calling the "Paying it Forward" give-away. I've been fortunate on many occasions to have a stranger help me out, and I do my best to pay it forward when the time is appropriate. Maybe I'm feeling a little generous, or maybe it's just the thought of all the nice things people do every day without expecting anything in return, but I'm having a little contest of my own. The prize for the winner is a new Po Campo Loop Pannier in Chartreuse Poppy. Here are the details concerning the contest. If you would like to participate, please send in your story (including photos, if possible) to endlessvelolove {at} gmail {dot} com (please remove spaces and substitute the appropriate punctuation). Those who choose to enter should select one of the following categories...

Please tell readers and myself about a time when...
1) Another cyclist helped you out and expected nothing in return; OR
2) You helped out another cyclist and expected nothing in return; OR
3) You had a positive interaction with a driver while you were on your bicycle; OR
4) Rather than sharing a story (for those who aren't wordy), simply send in a photo that you think exemplifies what it is to be a courteous cyclist.

Depending on the number of entries received, I may select the winner myself, or post the stories (and photos) here on Endless Velo Love, and ask readers to vote for their favorite. If there are a large number of entries, I may choose finalists and post those, rather than posting every entry. As for any additional rules or stipulations, here they are:

1) You must reside (and have a mailing address) within the United States or Canada to win.
2) Anyone male, female, etc, may enter (I am limiting this to humans though - sorry dogs, cats, and other animals).
3) Participants may only enter one time, so choose your best story or photo.
4) By entering, you are granting permission for me to post your story online and utilize any photos sent.
5) Any taxes, etc for reporting purposes are the responsibility of the winner.
6) I reserve the right to add stipulations, should the need arise as the contest progresses.
7) Shipping will be paid by Endless Velo Love.
8) The contest is open from July 29 - August 7, 2011 at midnight Pacific Standard Time. Winner will be announced before August 21, 2011.

If you're interested in the specifics about this pannier, there was a great review posted online at Lovely Bicycle, some beautiful photos at This Girl's Bike, and information can also be found on the Po Campo website. I'm super excited to be able to give this Loop Pannier away to someone, and even more excited to hear stories and see photos from others. Please help spread the word! In the mean time, here are some photos.

*Please note: This contest is not sponsored by Po Campo or any other retailer or online source. It's simply a fun way to do something nice for another cyclist. 


  1. This is very nice of you! Will spread the word.

  2. Thanks, Velouria... I appreciate you spreading the word! :o)

  3. Last summer, I was riding home on the slight uphill to my apartment. I was merrily granny gearing along when I came upon some shattered glass. As I swerved to try to avoid it, my chain came off the chain ring.

    Now, being a newbie, I was having a devil of a time trying to get the chain back on. Lots and lots of cyclists passed me by, but one guy who was on a road bike, in head to toe lycra, stopped to help me put my chain back on.

    It was such a small thing but it was meaningful, especially when you consider about ten other cyclists rode right past me, even though it was obvious I needed help.

  4. Perfect example, Cecily! :O) It is very meaningful when a stranger takes the time to help. Glad you got the help you needed.

  5. A few months ago, I decided to take a little bike ride around my neighborhood. I hopped on my vintage 60s CCM Catalina only to find the front tire was totally flat. So I grabbed another bike and hit the road. Unfortunately my hem had torn and wrapped itself around my pedal arm, causing it to seize. I braked and tried to get off the bike but my foot was stuck and I ended up falling, really un-elegantly into the gutter. I wasn't hurt (unless you count pride!), but a car driver stopped and helped me get back on and made sure the traffic wasn't going to hit me while I was down. I thought it was a really nice gesture.

  6. That is a very nice gesture!

  7. last week, i got clipped by a car making a right turn into a parking garage. the car's rear end pushed me into a large traffic cone and the driver intended to keep on going. i was in shock and didn't scream, didn't bang on the car. another driver coming out of the garage saw this and started screaming at the driver who hit me. i only heard his side of the story since he was the one yelling: "you just hit her! you should at least say you're sorry (which she didn't she continued into the garage)." he asked me if i was okay several times before we both took off. i really appreciated this, because my slow reaction or no reaction would've let this driver continue on. i would like to think she thought she hit a traffic cone and that's why she didn't stop. but she had to pass me to make this turn and should've checked to see if she hit me. story of good driver/bad driver.


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