Thursday, July 28, 2011

Attempted {Cruiser} Group Ride

After several failed attempts to get to one of Longmont's group rides, last night, Sam and I were ready for our first "organized" ride here in town. Every Wednesday night in the summer months, a group of people (young and aged, big and small) get together and cruise through the Old Town area of Longmont, as well as down the greenway (assuming that it's open). The ride is scheduled to start at 6:30p at Roosevelt Park, so we thought we'd give it a go. Riding over gave us some lovely green views.
We arrived a tad early though, and Sam was concerned that his saddle was too low, so he decided to do a quick adjustment while we waited in the parking lot at the park.
We noticed that there were a lot of people who had brought their bikes on their cars, which seemed silly when riding from within city limits probably wouldn't be a stretch for anyone, but I pointed out that people do come from other areas/cities for the ride, and for some of the smaller kids, a long ride to the park, and then a long cruiser ride might just be too much. Anything that gets a person on a bike is okay by me.
We decided to roll over to a group of people who were forming, so that we didn't look like outsiders or creepy watchers on two wheels.
The group wasn't very large yet (though it ended up with 136 riders), so we waited somewhat patiently for all the folks to arrive. It seemed as though all were having a good time just hanging out and talking on their bikes, but they were all ready to get on the road.  Even Sam was ready to get going on the cruiser ride.
Unfortunately, I hadn't been feeling well all day, and as we stood there, I was feeling even more ill.  By the time the ride actually started, I told Sam I really needed to head home because I didn't think I could make it through. So, sadly, we didn't officially get to have our first organized group ride, but there is still hope! The group does this ride very Wednesday evening through August, and there are other organized rides planned throughout the week. I remain hopeful that this isn't a lost cause and that soon I'll be able to say we've completed some kind of group ride, whether slow or quicker paced. I hope others are also enjoying the summer months and maybe even joining up with a group of people to ride.

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