Friday, August 5, 2011

"How Do You Pronounce...?" The Bicycle Brands We Never Learned to Say

Some mild Friday fun today for any people out in the world like me. :o)  Maybe it's the untapped English teacher in me, perhaps it's the DNA of an English teacher running through my veins, or maybe it's just that my grandmother used to correct my grammar incessantly (that I still screw up in mass frequency), but it always bugs me when I don't know how to say a bicycle company or parts manufacturer name correctly. If, like me, you find yourself wondering how to pronounce some of these names, feel free to read on.
*Image from CPLI
I will say that these pronunciations have mostly been obtained by severe internet searches when (apparently) I'm bored out of my mind, or when it was just driving me so insane that I had to find out so that I didn't continue to say it wrong. A couple have been obtained from "experts" in the cycling industry, and overall, I believe these to be accurate... but please don't use me as the God's truth or think that this is my personal dictionary of bicycle pronunciations. Without further delay, I give you a few of the names I've either heard mispronounced or mispronounced myself on occasion.

Bontrager - pronounced BON-TRA (little "a" sound as in "apple")-GRR
Giro - pronounced JEER-OH
Jamis - pronounced JAY-MUS
Motobecane - pronounced MOW-TOW-BEH-KHAN
SRAM - pronounced just as it looks, one syllable, SRAM (like "scram" without the "c") *Fun note: The name is actually a conglomeration of the three founders' names: Scott, Ray and sAM.
Thule - pronounced TOO-LEE by most (and most accepted), but technically, if you want to get down to the linguistics side of things, it should be pronounced TOO-LUH. I'd go with too-lee unless you want people to think you're a snob.
Truvativ - pronounced TRUE-VAY-TIVE (not true-vuh-tive, which is quite commonly heard) Supposedly, it comes from the the two words Truly Innovative being combined.

I'm sure there are plenty more that aren't listed here, so if you have one or more that you've heard mispronounced or that you think we should know, please feel free to chime in. Hope you're enjoying a very happy Friday!

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