Monday, August 8, 2011

Public Bikes M3/D3 Sale via Planet Gear {August 9 - August 16, 2011}

Once again, is having a sale that I thought others could be interested in checking out. If you've been pining over a Public Bikes model M3 or D3, but thought the price was just out of reach, this could be the opportunity to pick one up for a great price.
Public Bikes M3 model
Public Bikes D3 model
The sale through Planet Gear starts on Tuesday, August 9 and ends August 16, 2011. You do have to sign up (it's free!) to get access to the sale, but it's a great opportunity to purchase a Public Bikes bicycle. If you don't know much about Public Bikes, but are interested in a new bicycle, you can read my initial review here, and a follow up a few weeks later here on our J7 and V7 bikes.

Happy bicycle shopping!

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