Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I {Heart} Cecily

I really and truly do YCecily. I should start out by saying that I have never met Cecily in person, nor do I really "know" her, but between her replies on others {and my} blog, and her very own space in cyber land, I find myself chuckling {or giggling} in response to her replies to blog posts {generally because I can entirely understand her P.O.V., and I see her as a woman who speaks her mind eloquently - something I often struggle to accomplish}. She is entirely entertaining, amusing, heart-felt, and in the particular case today, a rockin' example of what everyone should do when s/he wishes to change something in the world. I have said on more than one occasion to Sam, "If we/I ever make it to Vancouver, I simply must meet this fabulous person." She just strikes me as an all-around great person who I would enjoy hangin' with. Of course, this is cyber space and we might hate each other in the "real" world {though I doubt this would be the case}, but I am now digressing into an unnecessary tale of meeting up with someone I don't even know... so, back on track.
{Image from Cecily.info}
Love this photo Cecily took of herself on her Fryslan
Cecily has posted about a plan to change the way the world views "fat bottomed" cyclists {<-- You'll note that I've added a link to her post at the top of my blog as well, because I hope others will check this out, even as this post falls down the line}. Basically, she is looking for photos and accompanying stories about overweight individuals who ride their bicycles {in whatever manner they choose... whether to the grocery store, to work, racing, mountain biking, cyclocross, etc}. The bottom line is that she {and I completely agree} wants to change the perception of many people who believe that because someone is fat, s/he is unhealthy and is therefore taking away from others' healthcare {or costing others more because they are overweight}. I have been on my own rants about this here and here, but I think this is an excellent way to work on changing perceptions instead of just complaining about the situation. If we can show the world that there are in fact people who are overweight and healthy, perhaps it will change the way we are viewed by other cyclists, and the general population.

Please feel free to pass along the information to others you know who might have interest in this. I am certain Cecily would love to get more stories and photos than she can handle!


  1. Aw, I could never hate you. :)

    And thanks for promoting my blog post! No takers yet, so I guess that means I need to get busy with my self-timer.

  2. I hope you don't give up on this, Cecily. I think they will come, but it may take a little time. I do think it's a fabulous idea and am looking forward to seeing all the stories. I know we are not alone... we just need to find others.

    BTW... one day I will make it to Vancouver, It's just not feasible right at the present. It is on my list of cities to visit though, so look out Canada! The day is coming. :o)


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