Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Did Our House Move to Seattle?

The last several days have been extremely gloomy... something we are not used to in these parts (at least not on a continuous basis). The rain hasn't stopped much, the clouds haven't parted (though we did see brief rays of sun early evening today, thankfully), and the temperatures have been cooler than I would prefer. While I don't mind the rain, and actually at times find it quite nice, I've had enough now. Unfortunately, the weather gods don't seem to be listening.
I don't trust those 60-something temps either, because we've been quite cool the last several days (including today, which I swear really didn't get past about 52 degrees F or so). Also, how can we have 67% humidity and have it raining? That always seems odd to me. I guess that's why I'm not a weather forecaster. I'm guessing that one has nothing to do with the other (if there are experts out there, I'd be happy to understand this better).

Despite the gloomy weather, we did take the bikes out today for a ride around the area (me on the Hillborne, Sam on his LHT), and though it was windy and cold, it was so nice to be outside just enjoying being outdoors. We searched neighborhood houses to see if we could find a front porch like the one I have envisioned in my head (I enjoy coming up with abstract or theoretical ideas; Sam would prefer something concrete to see what I'm thinking... Often we discover that what's in my brain isn't entirely plausible), and also spotted a few houses that we'd seen during open houses of years' past. Some are back up for sale again, while others seem to have more permanent residents.

We enjoyed the day, and enjoyed the bicycles. Now, if someone can tell me how to bargain with the weather god for a nice, sunny 70 degree set of days, I would be eternally grateful. :o)

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  1. Good lord, this is NOT what i moved here for. Now i miss the 90 degree spring!


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