Friday, April 22, 2011

First Bike Ride

Our weather seems to be so strange these days. If it's not brutally windy, it's cloudy and raining. I haven't quite figured it out, but we definitely need the moisture, so I won't complain about the wet weather. The wind is another story. I'm thinking we would all survive just fine without the wind, but it could always be worse, so I think I'll even let the windiness slide for now.

Today, however, I apparently chose one of the windiest days we've had to go out for my first short bicycle ride in the new house. I had a close by errand to run, so I pulled out the Pashley and took her for a little ride. It's been weeks since I've even been on one of the bikes, so it was nice to be out (even though my face felt as though it was being peeled off by the gale-force winds <-- only a slight exaggeration, I promise). On the ride back, I got caught at the train.
I saw the little arms coming down, but I was too far away to be able to make it before the train arrived. It turned out to just be the engine with a few cars being pulled behind, so the wait was really only a matter of seconds.
It's such a nice feeling to know that we are now in an area where a quick bike trip is a very real possibility, and that they can happen easily without having a ton of time to spare. It was great to just feel the sun, hear the birds, and see people out walking. I think I'm going to like it in the new home.

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