Friday, January 14, 2011

Mandatory Bicycle Registration

I love this story, and enjoy even more that the legislation was withdrawn. While I understand that running over pedestrians isn't what anyone wants to see, I have to wonder what the registration of children's bikes is going to solve. No one wants to see others injured by a cyclist (or anyone for that matter), and certainly this news article made its rounds recently, stirring some lively debates, but I have to wonder where we draw the line?
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The story states, "{Assemblywomen Cleopatra Tucker, D-Essex} said senior citizens have called her office to complain that they’d been knocked down by inconsiderate riders, but had no way to register a complaint." Are that many people being run over by rogue cyclists? I'm truly curious.

As the journalist/author of the above article states, if only the representatives would put that amount of work into ensuring the overall safety of riding for everyone.

Apparently, Jersey isn't alone in this attempt. New York also seems to be on a similar tangent. I find myself wondering what others think about this matter. Does registering a bicycle like a car make sense? I can see both a pro can con list to this possibility, but in a country that already treats cyclists like second-class road citizens, is this the way to encourage more people to ride? I suppose it's certainly something to ponder. On one hand, I see this merely as a way to collect revenue, but on the other, perhaps it would help limit the @$$hole type cyclists from being that type of rider? Who knows. I'm interested to see how this legislation turns out though.

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