Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fred, and Back to School

Forgive me this indulgence, but I'm still obsessing about Fred. Today, I took a few pictures of him to attempt to better capture his fabulousness. I haven't yet decorated the basket (which I intend to do), and the tires are already quite filthy, but I still think he's beautiful!

Detail shot of lotus flowers and design
Detail in Om saddle
White tires - dirty, of course
Chainguard detail
Front half of Fred
Wald basket and Om bell
Snow is headed our way for tomorrow, but we'll go for a ride very soon, my Fred!

Tomorrow is the first day of the spring semester of classes. It will be a long day (12 hours of class related nonsense), but it will likely do me well to be back into a routine. Though I immensely dislike routine and any sort of schedule, I think I am in need of it for a bit. Today, I also received an offer to hang some of my art in a Denver show next month, so things are already moving right along.


  1. I've been very tempted to get the Om saddle/grips for one of my bike projects. They never show the back of the saddle in photos. I'm not sure I want a big logo on the back of a non-electra ride.

    p.s. The basket is pretty tasty, too.

  2. I understand...it would probably seem a bit strange to advertise "Electra" on the back of the saddle for another bike. But then again, I suppose a lot of bicycles have branded saddles different from the bike frame, so perhaps it wouldn't be too odd to see it? I think on the Om saddle it's actually nice that the lettering isn't another color, but rather an embossing done in the same material. It blends more than standing out, which I appreciate.

    I LOVE this Wald basket! It is amazing and carries so much. I really don't need a rear rack because I can put so many things in it.


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