Sunday, January 23, 2011

I am Me

I'm in the process of writing up a concept statement for my first painting project this term. In doing "research" (Sam is laughing as I say this, as he knows I enjoy anything regarding personality profiles or information of the same sort), I came across an interesting and fairly thorough test which provides information on multiple areas of personality, intelligence, and learning styles. Here are some of my results in graph form.
Click to view my Personality Profile page

While I appreciate the information, I'm not entirely certain that I am thrilled with being lumped together in a group of people who are supposedly "different" from the rest of the planet. I can't help but wonder if we're supposedly so different, how can there possibly be a type to encompass us? We are all individuals and I find myself questioning how much validity one can give to a "test" that gives such general statements about a very complex person. Honestly, I think it all comes down to very small differences among us anyway... and those differences are really what make the world an interesting place.

Regardless, if anyone else has interest in learning more about themselves (or perhaps others in their lives), I think it's definitely worth taking here. There is a free version which asks fewer questions, or a paid version which provides a supposedly more in depth look at oneself.

In the mean time, I'd better get back to the project at hand, as I only have a few hours to get my concept written up.

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