Thursday, December 30, 2010

Snow... The Sunny Days Couldn't Last Forever

Apparently we here in the northeastern portion of Colorado can no longer say that no snow has stuck to the ground this winter season. Personally, I was enjoying the 50+ degree temperature days and sunny skies, but I also knew those days wouldn't last forever.
The next couple of days will be full of potentially several inches of snow and temperatures as low as negative 16 degrees Fahrenheit. The dogs will be happy to play in the snow, so that is the up side to the blanket that is forthcoming. I, however, did not enjoy the slippery/icy conditions while traversing to meet up with a gentleman who had purchased an item from me on E-bay, and who just happened to be within driving distance. We decided to meet at a half way point to save shipping costs, but it probably wasn't the best day to drive. The normally 15 minute drive turned into a 40 minute journey, but at least I got out of the house, and had the opportunity to get used to being out in the cold.

Ahh, these are the days when I miss sunny California winters. Who wouldn't love year round 60s weather? Of course, when I lived there I always wanted the changing seasons. Humans....we are just never happy, are we?

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