Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy Old Year!

What? I can wish people a happy Old Year, right? After all, it is the last day of the "old year," and soon we will begin anew. What am I most happy to leave behind in the year gone by? Hmm... that's a toughy. It wasn't a horribly bad year, so I suppose instead I will say that I am most sad that the snow has begun, and that I seem to slip all over this frigid, icy snow that has been coming down for the last 30+ hours. Can you even tell where the cars, bicycles, etc should be in this photo?

If not for the street lamp and road sign, I would've had absolutely no idea where the road was myself. But, beyond the snow, which I am apparently still a tad bitter about (despite our very long reprieve from it), it's been a decent year, and I'm looking forward to the start of 2011. So, while I sit inside, sipping hot chocolate, I leave you with this morning's adventure of my happy retriever's in the snow. I highly recommend muting or you'll be forced to hear my annoying voice bating the poor pooches into playing.

Happy Old Year to all!


  1. I'm behind on everything, but since we've just gotten our own snow and ice (which literally shuts down everything for days), am now catching up a bit.

    Happy old AND new year :) Love the doggie video! Isn't that always the case - a dog only wants the toy or ball that the other dog has - haha.

    Hope you've since gotten out of your snow and are staying warm and dry. Not sure when ours will disappear, but I'm enjoying being stranded in the meantime!

  2. Your part of the country is definitely experiencing some crazy weather. Hopefully, all is well for you and yours. Our snow has stopped (still on the ground, but no longer snowing for the time being), but it's been really, really cold (evenings in teen negatives). We have some low 50 degree days coming though, and I am definitely looking forward to them. :o)

  3. The odd (but really wonderful) thing is that the snow and ice didn't lead to major power outages. I'm totally fine being cooped up and going nowhere (I can be very hermit-like - haha) as long as I'm warm and well-fed :) I've also had two days (three as of tomorrow) of work being closed, so even better! And my football team won the National Championship last night - War Eagle!!

  4. Sounds like you've been enjoying yourself (as you should)! Hopefully, things will warm up for everyone in the near future, but in the mean time, definitely enjoy your time at home.


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