Saturday, October 2, 2010

Ride to the Auto Parts Store

Things are completely crazy for the next few days while I attempt to get everything done that is coming to completion. At least I'm feeling a bit better about abstraction. Last night, a small group of us decided to go to First Friday in Denver's Arts District to check out the sights and to get a feel for current ideas and art work. While in the car driving, I realized that my passenger side headlight was out, and though I knew I had a bulb at home, there was nothing I could do about it at the time. In addition, my interior light has been out for some time now, and since I spend a great deal of time driving in the dark from campus, we thought it would be a good idea to replace it. Since I was letting paint dry this afternoon, Sam and I decided to ride over to the auto parts store to get the interior bulb that was needed.
Waiting outside for Sam to purchase a bulb
I realize there is a bit of irony in riding our bicycles to an auto parts store, but if you consider that most people who are there are purchasing something for a car that isn't working, or has some kind of broken part, it doesn't seem that off the wall to me to be riding a bicycle to the auto parts store. Of course, there are no bicycle racks, so I amused myself by watching the traffic go by and admiring the bicycles.
Surly and Pashley sittin' in a tree, er, sittin' on cement
I feel as though the Hillborne has taken over as the most ridden bicycle in the house, but I do enjoy the Pashley too. I also realized how heavy it is today while we were riding. Good for building leg muscles, definitely. While waiting for Sam to return, I also noticed that I managed to get two goat heads stuck in the rear tire. Ugh!
Two goat heads (one barely visible lower on the tire)
I am such a magnet for these critters, especially this time of year when all the weeds are dying off and these thorns just end up in the shoulder where we're riding. I pulled them out, so I could test the durability of the Schwalbe Marathon tires.  As I was pulling them out, I looked up at the sky and was in complete awe of the strange cloudiness that had formed around us. It was beautiful and eerie all at once.
Cloudy Autumn skies quickly formed this afternoon
Sam finally managed to make it back outside, despite being told by two different assistant managers that they 'couldn't' ring him up.
Sam has bulbs!
We headed home, shaking our heads but laughing about the ineptitude of some workers. The ride home was pleasant, as we pedaled along, both of still being able to wear shorts during this gorgeous time of year.
Riding home (that nice bruise on the left leg from falling on the Hillborne seems to be healing nicely though)
After arriving home, my tires seemed to be in good shape, but unfortunately, Sam had also picked up a couple of goat heads, and his tires didn't fair so well. As soon as he pulled them out, the air came wooshing out quite audibly. I felt bad, but at the same time am grateful that I can trust the thorn protection of the Marathon tires. I think the extra money is well worth it to have the extra protection. And now, I have exterior and interior lights once again. I am very happy that I'll at least have a way to see my attackers in the late night parking lot now.

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