Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I Think I Have a Problem with Saddle bags

... No, not those kind (well, yeah, I guess I have a problem with those too!). But, I was referring specifically to this kind:
Ostrich Saddle Bag
*Photo from Velo Orange
I am, for some strange reason, obsessing over the Ostrich bag in particular, but there are others I have seen recently, such as one featured on Chic Cyclist that I couldn't quite get a good enough look at to tell what the material was, but I was nonetheless entranced by it. It's not even specifically saddle bags that have drawn me in, but rather any device which can carry items on a bicycle. One of the more recent obsessions is the fendi box that is not really a saddle bag, but rather a handlebar box (as I suppose it would be called), that just draws me in.
fendi abici amante donna bicycle with accessories
*Photo from
I've tried to find the fendi box just alone, but it is apparently something that can only be purchased with the bicycle. Either way, it is an accessory that I find myself longing for in the wee hours of the morning. Of course, this is merely a fantasy, as I am in no way financially able to afford such a luxurious item.

My tastes seem to range from the fanciful to the rugged, as I find myself even wanting the slightly rougher looking, but nonetheless fabulous bags such as the one pictured here on Etsy.

Swiss Army Bicycle Bike Pannier Bag in Shmattson's on Etsy

*Photo from Shmattson on
Though I've sworn not to purchase anymore bicycles (at least for the time being), I think the Ostrich saddlebag could be a lovely addition to the Pashley. I realize it's a little more rugged than the Pashley appears to be, but I think she can pull it off.  One can never have too many places to stick things when riding, right?

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  1. Bags are cool. So are accessories. These ones are extra "cool".


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