Monday, September 13, 2010

You Say Goodbye (and I say hello?)

Over this past weekend I sent some photos to the the shop though which I purchased the Rivendell Sam Hillborne frame for us to build up ourselves here in Colorado.  The owner had asked me to send some pictures when it was complete and, though the bicycle has been finished for some time now, I just haven't taken a decent camera with me yet on a ride. While we went for a ride Saturday, I decided it would be an opportunity to take some better photographs.

Upon our return home, I sent off the pictures only to receive an email in reply that the shop is closing its doors very soon. I couldn't help but feel a bit sad, as this is now the third shop I'm aware of in the last several months that has said goodbye to their shop after being in business for several years, or even decades. While I wouldn't wish this on anyone, starting Wednesday, September 15, the shop, Hyde Park Cycles (in Boise, ID) will be discounting all merchandise until it sells out completely.
Anyone in need of parts should certainly check it out, and because the website isn't always updated, it might be a smart idea to give the shop a call to make a purchase or to check inventory.

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