Saturday, September 11, 2010

Collective Consciousness

Perhaps I've spent too much time pondering this subject, but I cannot help notice how things seem to happen with or for others just about the time that I am pondering an idea, subject, or matter. For example, I was toying with the idea of obtaining or building a road-ish style bicycle several months ago, and while I was busy with the thought process, suddenly I am finding or becoming aware of so many others who are doing very similar builds. It's not just one person or in one location either. I am finding myself involved in conversations with individuals about bicycles, building bicycles and various types of riding just doing my business about town.

Then there was the whole debate about whether my hands could handle drop bars, and I find a post about this very topic. While I wanted desperately to try these, I was unsure of whether it would work, so it was nice to find someone else who had success with these handlebars, even if our issues aren't entirely the same.

In addition to realizing that there are so many ladies out in web-land who are keeping their fabulous city/cruiser style bicycles and donning lycra clothing to participate in long rides, I have had conversataions locally with women as well. One such chat occurred just the other day with a woman in her early 70s, who is wanting to start touring, despite just starting to ride about town for a few months now. I shared with her a few websites of individuals who are making much grander tours than either she or I have aspirations of completing, and she stated that being able to make it from one side of town to the other was her only hope at this juncture in time.

Throughout this process though my question has become: Is this really happening, or am I unconsciously seeking these people and places out? Is it possible that there is a collective consciousness and that we all become aware of things around the same time and begin to make changes in our lives, regardless of our location? I do believe that we are all connected, so perhaps this is just a part of that connection, and we are all realizing the benefits of riding our bicycles around the same time, or utilizing bikes for transportation. I haven't noticed ads for bicycles or a push for bicycle advocacy anymore than what is normally around, otherwise I'd likely pass this off as commercialism and advertising at its best.  It seems as though beings all across the globe are becoming aware of how quickly our planet needs to find alternative modes of getting around, and because the government seems to ignore the requests of the population for more mass transit systems, particularly to smaller cities within larger metropolitan areas, we are finding our own ways around it all.

While I cannot be certain that there is a collective awareness or consciousness, I like to believe that we are learning from the past and reaching conclusions that will bring positive results for the future.


  1. Interesting that you should post about this, a few people have been telling me that everyone is talking about cycle touring. It's one of my favorite things to do so I'm glad it's catching on. I'd love to hear about bike-friendly destinations on the Front Range...

  2. It is interesting that things seem to catch on and lots of people become interested, especially when it concerns bicycles!

    One of the great things about Colorado is that there are many bike-friendly places because there are so many cyclists here. It doesn't hurt that we can often continue to ride, even in the winter because our snow melts so quickly (well, at least here on the Front Range. The mountains are a completely different story. Boulder is a favorite for many people (, as is Fort Collins ( I think it helps that they are both college towns and fairly compact. Both are super bicycle friendly and just beautiful, particularly in the late spring through the summer months. Of course, I have to pump my town too ( It's not as 'young' I suppose you could say or hip as the two cities mentioned prior, but, we have pretty decent support of the arts (which is important to me) and an active bicycle association.

  3. Details, we need details! :)

    Let's say, for the sake of argument, that when visiting my mother in Boulder I want to take my husband on a romantic bike ride and stay at a country inn, maybe in the Lyons area. This is all semi-hypothetical. Have you done a nice overnight? Are there multi-day loops that are well traveled?

  4. I think I was taking the question as more of a general question, than a specific one, and I realized after I replied that you actually have family in the area, so you're probably just as familiar (perhaps more) as I am with places to see/ride. This could easily be a post all its own, I'm sure!

    I have not been brave enough yet to do an overnight trip via bicycle, but that day is coming. I am aware that in the Lyons area specifically, mountain bikers travel in droves to Hall Ranch ( For road riders, Left Hand Canyon is well traveled and a challenge many enjoy tackling. For something even more challenging (at least to me), there is the "Peak to Peak" ride (which I would love to do, but have not as of yet - need to build strength to climb first). There's a map of the route here: None of these are particularly romantic, though certainly challenging. If I were doing a slower pace and more romantic ride in Boulder, I think the Boulder Creek Path is beautiful, and there are so many restaurants to choose from along the path. Seriously, I think this may turn into a long answer, so perhaps a post in order. Perhaps I should save it for a later time when I can really ponder all the places to go. :o)

  5. Boulder Creek Path to the Tea House may be the most romantic ride I can think of. So pretty!

    My husband would love the Peak to Peak, and the Triple Bypass, but I'm less of a mountain climber than he is. Still, an adventure out to Left Hand Canyon sounds like the next one for us, thank you!!!


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