Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ugh, Cars!

One of the few adventures that I am "forced" to take via car is when I transport our dogs to the park or local reservoir. While I would love to be able to ride my bicycle and have the three dogs in tow, their vast difference in running speed and personality, make it a nearly impossible task. The dog park is a good 8 miles from home, and the reservoir is about 5 one way, but it's just not a walkable/bike-able distance for our older dog, Levi. I did at one point get Chablis, our yellow lab, to run along side my cruiser bicycle with disastrous results. The poor thing ended up with a butchered toe, and was then afraid to go anywhere near me when I took out the bicycle. Since she's a happy girl, I really don't want to give her any complexes.

My preface of all this information is really to explain why I was in my car at all. I was driving home from the dog park this morning and missed the turn to our house. I was thinking about other things I need to get done today, and bypassed the appropriate turn, which caused me to go a bit further up to turn around. While I was waiting to turn around at the signal, this was the view I saw in front of me.
What's wrong with this picture?
If it is unclear what you are viewing, the truck in front of me is facing north and turning left (to head West) in the only left turn lane at this intersection. The Wyoming vehicle at the far left is actually waiting to turn left in the lane for those vehicles coming from the east that would be turning south. I couldn't help but laugh as it was only 9:00 a.m. and this person appears to be under the influence so early in the morning. When the light changed, the driver proceeded through the intersection as though it was a perfectly normal place to be waiting for the light to turn.

All I can say is that I am so very grateful that I am able to bike a lot of the places I need to go, and when I got home, I gave the pups some water, and headed out on my very own bicycle ride. Though it may seem strange, the incident reminded me how beautiful it is here and how grateful I am to be able to ride my bike, instead of driving all the time.

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