Monday, September 13, 2010

Start of Week 4

Entering week four of classes, I'm surprised at how quickly it's going and at how little I'm actually accomplishing.  Since I feel as though I'm not actually getting anything done, I thought I'd post some in progress photos of my first watercolor project.

Why every art instructor thinks that doing the first project in black and white and of a still life is a necessity, I'm still not sure. I'm a bit intimidated by the water media because it just kind of wants to do whatever it wants to do and the artist doesn't seem to have much control. While there are ways of controlling the media, it often times seems to have a mind of its own. The black and white project was then to be turned into a color of the same subject, and though I thought the color would be easier, I think I struggled more putting things together with color than I did with black and white.
Not a great picture, but here's the first black and white project for Watermedia
It's quite apparent that there is work still to be done, but part of me doesn't want to obsess over it, especially so early in the semester. If I kind of take my time learning the media, then I can feel as though I'm improving over the course of 16 weeks, right? But, there are definitely many things I'd like to change. The color image is actually worse, but this is partly due to the fact that I ran out of time and started quickly doing things (which doesn't work with watermedia I have discovered).
Color version, though much smaller, of the same objects
I think this should be an interesting class. Figuring out watercolor will be a challenge, but an interesting one at that. Meanwhile, I have a giant oil painting that I haven't even begun and a second one that I'm supposed to have started coming up on Friday. It's all moving along quickly and before I know it, I'll be whining that it's time to start the spring semester, I'm sure.

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