Thursday, July 22, 2010

I Broke Down Today...

and bought an annual pass to the reservoir. The dogs and I ventured out at about 11a this morning to the dog park and I realized that it was not only torturing me, but them as well. They have so much fun being in the water at the reservoir that I decided it was worth the small price tag to have a pass until the end of the year. We won't be able to use it but probably a few more months, but at $8/entry, the $55 will be paid off in less than 7 visits. We'll take advantage of it until school resumes, and even after it starts again, we should still be able to pay a visit to the water at least once a week until things get to cold to handle.

Hey, these dogs seem to be enjoying it too! Shocking that a dog would enjoy water on a hot summer day, right? While our dogs recover from their near heat strokes in the sun this morning, I have continually assured them that unless it's pouring rain in the morning, we will pay a visit to their favorite summer spot tomorrow.

I'm sure everyone is looking forward to the dog pictures that will be forthcoming from these visits. {smile}

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