Tuesday, July 20, 2010

First 'Real' Venture Out

Today I decided to ride over to visit Sam at work for a bit. When I first started out, the clouds were looming above and I thought it was great to be in a low 70's weather pattern, but no sooner had I started to think this and the sun decided to come out. Not only did it pop out for my benefit, but it stayed out the entire ride. Despite the fact that the entire sky was covered with clouds, somehow, the sun was never behind the clouds and seemed to be beating down on me. By the time I arrived to visit with Sam, I was drenched in sweat... not pretty. So, Sam was looking so lovely in his nice work clothes, and there I was, in a pool of my own sweat in cut offs and a tank top. Such a beautiful picture to imagine, isn't it? You don't have to imagine what Sam looked like, because I snapped a quick picture of him as he lightly drank his Banana Chocolate Chip shake (he says it's very banana-ie, in case anyone is looking to try one out). I decided to drink half a gallon of liquid and eat a chicken sandwich, and then ride home - not a good idea. My poor stomach was so bloated. Partly this was due to the fact that I rarely eat meat, and in part it was because I was so hot from the ride that I just kept drinking and drinking. After a bit of chatting and discussion regarding the route I should take home, I decided to opt for, at least on part of the ride, the bicycle path through town. I think the thing that cracked me up was that I had the same experience with the sun on the ride home as I had on the ride out. When I was under the trees, the sun was behind the clouds, but when I was in the wide open air, the sun was beating down on me. So strange. It was almost as though it was planned. I wish I was kidding, but it seemed as though the universe was working against me. It probably didn't help matters that I'm still dealing with the tail end of this stupid throat issue, and I was exhausted from not doing anything much for so long. If I was smart, I would realize that a 19-20 mile ride was probably not the best decision, but who said I was smart?

It's still amusing to me that everything seems so dead to me here after being in the Midwest. I can plainly see that there are green things around, but it's just not the same kind of green. It's as though it's more of that desert sort of green, which makes sense, given the climate and location of Colorado. I suppose we don't get a long stretch of the "super" green here. It's not that I don't see beauty in the life that's around, it's just not the same as those areas that are blessed to have such green, green foliage. But, I suppose we are lucky to have pretty decent weather year round, so there's not a whole lot to complain about there.

As for me, I just peddled my way along the bicycle path, wondering why in the world I had decided on such a long trip for the first round out for a while. At least I had my
water bottle with me to keep me cool as I worked my way toward home. I was amazed that it took me a half an hour longer to get home than it normally does from the same starting location, but I was also trying to keep myself alive, so I wasn't pushing myself much at all. In the end, I survived and made it home in one piece. Hopefully, I will get out on the Pashley again very soon.

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