Saturday, May 29, 2010

Farewell, My Stuart

This morning, I said goodbye to my beloved Stuart. I actually cried as I drove away from him. Perhaps it's a bit crazy to be so emotionally attached to a bicycle, but I can't help it. For starters, he was a gift from Sam, and I love that every time I ride him, he reminds me of Sam. Then, there's just the fact that he's so incredibly fabulous and adorable fun. Even as I was dropping him off for his new owner, a woman walked up to me and said, "I love your bike!" I didn't have it in me to tell her it was going to be her neighbors bike in the very next minute.

I will miss you dearly, Stuart. But, I know that it was also for the best. I hope your new home loves you as much as I do. xoxo

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