Monday, May 31, 2010

They're Dropping Like Flies...

The title of the post seemed appropriate, as this morning, I awoke to several dead flies in the house. We've been busy redoing the floors in the living room and kitchen over the weekend (the royal "we" of course, as I've honestly had nothing to do with it), and I've been painting the rooms in hopes of getting things to look a bit cheerier and perhaps be a bit more relaxing. Anyway, the poor flies that had gotten in with all the open doors over the weekend, seemed to have died all at once over night. It was kind of sad, though I do understand flies don't live particularly long lives.

Yesterday, yet another bicycle left the fold. I said goodbye to Phoebe quite abruptly when a man came by to get her for his wife.

He was in a hurry, handed me the money, and off they went together. I can only hope that the bicycle will be well cared for, and I suppose I should have less emotional attachment to the bicycles regardless.

So, this leaves only one... DD is all that remains. Is there now room for another bicycle in the house? I don't know. I will say that last week I did go and test ride a Pashley Princess Sovereign in Denver. It was an extremely nice ride, and I think it could be something to consider. The problem is, for the moment, cost. Despite selling my two fabulous bicycles, I still need to round up some additional cash. Plus, I don't want to make a hasty decision and buy something I don't want or need. I feel I've done enough of that, and need to make wise decisions... But I have to say, who couldn't fall in love just from the looks of it?

Time will tell, and I suppose it means I need to get to earning some money... because I'm quite a bit short.

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  1. Hard to believe they moved that fast, the first day posted, i did not think they would go, but i guess all it took was the weekend! Sad, but not sad, all at the same time.



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