Friday, December 11, 2009


Today was the last day of finals for this semester, and the last day of dealing with a bunch of classes that I'm glad to have completed. It seemed as though it was truly never-ending, and despite what the masses want to keep telling me, it did not just "fly by" so quickly. Now, five weeks of - well, I'm honestly not sure what I'll be doing. I'd say bike riding, but the ice has just been horrid. Maybe it will melt and I can get to it.

The final drawing critique was today, and I was not pleased with it, but then again, I feel that I've said that for nearly every project. I really hate the background and I'm not sure why I decided to put the little postcards on it, but I'm hoping I can pull them off and ditch the background.

I am pleased that it's all over with, so I suppose that's better than most days have been this semester.

Now, I get to finish up some projects for Christmas gifts. Hopefully, I can get them done by the end of next week, otherwise they won't be getting sent out at all.

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